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 My Aunt is on death bed she is treatd by best docs in wrld,but prayers and divine pwr help, can any1 help ?
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 If you get headlice should you throw away your pillows ?
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 Black tears?
my cousin is 12 yrs, and when she cries has black tears. now, my family and i have thought of everything: make up, dirt on her face but those aren't the case.
any ideas?...

 Anyone know anything about TOURETTE SYNDROME?
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 How often do you shower?
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 what do you do when you have to wait other then reading?

 For doctors only please, I've been experiancing dizzy spells....?
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 Does anyone know what this is?
Yesterday in the midddle of the night my sister woke up and could not see and could barely breath. She was spitting and shaking like CRAZY! She kept running into things and could not find the door ...

 What's the best non-prescription pick me up 4 someone who HAS to travel( or loose my job)w/a very bad cold
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 My right eyelid has been twitching a lot lately. What could that mean?
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 Addiction Relapses... HELP?
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 Should I tell people about my herpes?
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 Blood on Floss, Hair & HIV?
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 Passing a Urine Test .?
I have a 32 oz Omni fluid detox drink and it does not really come with instructions. When should i take the drink and is it a blocker or will i be completely clean?...

 What causes a slightly swollen knee that doesn't full bend anymore?
Its been this way for about 4 days. There is no pain except when I try to bend it completely like I could before....

 If someone is experiencing excruciating pain, will you end their life?

 What types of food can I eat 2 days before the Colonoscopy?
I really need to know if I am allowed to have misso soup...
I am going to have a colonoscopy on tuesday and I stopped having any solid foods by today....
what else can I eat other than ...

 What kinda brain damage or activity causes someone to suddenly start cursing? And be impulsive?
Like, all of a sudden....

 I have a child 6yrs old suffering form autism is it curable?
i am giving him occputional therapy & speech therapy but he is not speaking kindly up ...

 need some ones opinion about depression.?
Im 17. For the last 2 years, i have been constantly up and down with my emotions. From just feeling sad to worthless. My mum died when i was 12. I never really mourned her death at all, but never ...

My pee/urine has an oily, rainbow like film.?
So I'm seeing the doctor about bladder issues that I'm having on and off and we're waiting for results, but on the morning of the appointment I noticed something really strange about my urine.

I saw that my urine in the toilet had an oily film that was floating all across the top of the water. Every color of the rainbow swirled in it, but notably more orange/brown/red (traces of blood?). The film was quite thick looking, for pee anyway. It looked just like an oily puddle you see outside after it rains, minus the dirt of course. I have since been checking my urine each time I go and it has happened 2 more times in the last 4 days, but is usually very clear and not at all oily.

I have been trying to research it but I haven't found much, other than people with the same problem as me looking for an answer.

I just thought it was the most bizarre thing so it would be nice to find somebody who knows what's going on. My doctor thought it was weird as well, he'd never heard of it.

RuRu Bell
I've heard there's a disorder that makes your urine as black as ink.

Maybe you have a prettier version.

put that pee in a cup and take it to a doc that sound really weird + why would you share your pee problems to the whole world

John L
You should stop drinking oil.

That sounds like a car problem.
Go on car talk.

are you taking any medications, especially any regarding your bladder issues? if so, i strongly suspect that would be the cause.

orange/brown/red urine could also be caused as a side-effect. though another possibility are crystals. amorphous urates tend to take on a red/pink hue, triple phosphate leans more toward the orange/brown.

Are you sure it is coming from your pee? What kind of toilet cleaner(s) are you using? Some of them can leave a residue that could cause the "rainbow swirl." Pee in a cup or jar and check it that way.

Could be some kind of infection. If your doctor doesn't know you should seek another professional and ask them.

it sounds like a bad urinary tract infection but you could have something else like some bacteria in your urine

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