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the pain is sharp and fast. aout a second or so....

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 In statin therapy there are sometimes a very serious and damaginjg effect on the muscles - what is the medict?
T^he wrod looks like ...

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 what is the persentage of americans with malnutrition?

 what can i do so he wont hurt himself?
My BF has a depression problem and he might be anorexic and he has an anger problem. sometimes when he gets into his depresssion mood he hurts himself. he wont theropy because he doesnt think it will ...

 Can anyone tell me the life expectance for a person with Spina Bifida?
My brother has the disease. And he is 28 years old. He has been really sick lately. His shunt has been replaced, I think twice. And I has just curios, how long people live with this disease....

My 3 year old stuck a q-tip in her ear 10 min ago & freaked out in pain, but acts fine now,should we go to ER?
She absolutely went ballistic when the incident happened, but calmed down after about 4-5 minutes. There's no blood present. She does keep saying that it feels like there's something in her ear & begs us to "get it out."This has never happened to any of my other children so I do not know the signs & symptoms of a busted eardrum. I want to go to the E.R. but my husband doesn't think we need to since she has calmed down and acts like it does not hurt. What should I do?

yes you should seek medical attention and why did your 3 year old have a q-tip are you stupid or do you just not care , any parent worth their salt would not have had to ask this question YOU are responsible for your child , do you under stand what parenting is ?
sorry if this ofends you but it dose need to be said

old skool
yes most definitely she could have ruptured her ear drum what she is feeling is liquid in her ear and it should be checked out immediately

yes immediatly she could have cause inner ear problems. it happened to my cousin. she might act fine but there might be long term affects.

Yes....they need to examine her eardrum to see if it is punctured.

I had a similiar incident (Pencil in my eye.) I was fine though.

I would sleep on it and if she still feels as if there's something in her ear or gets paranoid/shrieks in pain, I would call the E.R, or even her pedriatrician.

love is soo complicated
I would diffinatly take her to the ER. She may of pushed her eardrum and it may have caused some damage to her ear (and hearing).

Even though she seems fine now do not make that an excuse to not to go. Because you never know. The damage might not take affect quickly but it might. You just never know.

Where were you when she got a hold of a q-tip? I wouldn't necessarily take her in if she's okay now. Keep an eye on it though.

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