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 I have a sore throat, how do you make it go away?
I am starting to get a sore throat and for me that means that I am on my way to getting a cold. Ugh, what is the best way to prevent it from coming?...

 I get dizzy spells, shaking, inability to focus and headaches, what is this?

 These are my syptoms.. what do you think is the diagnosis?
For the past 5 days I have had a sore throat, head ache, congestion, slight ear ache, not aware of any fever, productive cough; yellow mucus; Im guessing it might be an infection but not sure what ...

 i have a sore throat and i feel kind of out of it sometimes..?
so ya, i was really sick yesterday, stomach pains, stiff neck, sore throat sore muscles etc. now im better today except for the sopre throat and sometimes when i move my head around or move my eyes ...

 i have a stabbing pain in my stomach and im only 14 is this normal?
ive had this pain since friday morning which was the 27th is this ...

 soo i'm absolutely positive I have acute pancreatitis, but i have no health insurance...?
Tuesday night(it's now thursday) I started getting this pain right in the center of my chest below my ribs....i woke up on wednesday and the pain is pretty much everywhere....I'm also ...

 swollen throat gland?
Could someone please tell me if I should be concerned with this.... For the last month I have been feeling a little under the weather. Some days I feel fine others.. not so munch. It's mostly ...

 What's Wrong With Me? I Feel Like I'm Dieing?
So I've Had a terrible cough for about a month. At first I was really congested and it was kind of a sore throat and cough. Then it turned into just a really annoying dry cough. Now lately it ...

 Any infections that can be caused by going down on a girl?
my gf told me that she read in a womens magazine (Girlfriend / Dolly..i cnt member which it was) that a girl can get an infection if she goes down on a guy and swallows. So i'm wonderin if that&#...

 Lice problem?
To my horror , i recently found out that my 3 and 1/2 yr old daughter has been infected by lice. I am planning to call an advice nurse, but it would be nice if you all can share your experiences with ...

 Stomach problems, please help! :o(?
I have had severe stomach bloating for the past few weeks. I had my period and everything went fine I thought it was because of that but it is still here two weeks later. I waitress and I am on my ...

 I keep getting random phrases of dizziness, what is happening?
I will go throughout my day, and randomly i getting dizziness, not for long, less then 3 seconds. I dont think this is healthly. I'm a 18 young male....

 Is there a kind of rare, non-fatal disease I could write a story on?
Something that is not about physical appearance....

 what is the longest streak a person has gone with-out puking? mine is 4 yrs and 3 months not puking once?

 does long term asprin use cause tinnitus?

 help..if you are a doctor or know medical stuff, answer please?
okay so i woke up this morning and my armpit hurt really bad....so i checked it/felt around and in the most painful spot (it feels like a huge bruise), i can feel a small bump way underneath the skin....

 please help me... i didn't hit my head but i have a lump!?
ok so on sunday i told my mom i was dizzy so she told me to go sit down and get an ice pack to cool down (it was extremely hot that day) and she got me something to eat and said it was probably low ...

 Can I be diagnosed with AD-HD?

 how do u get??????????
mononucliousis? no idea how to spell is my friend has it but she hasnt been in contact with anyone but he family and they r all ...

 HELP! my boyfriend's sick! =(?
he was complaining about his head feeling weird since last week (he said he felt like he was half unconscious or something like he has amnesia) and now i heard from his cousin that he was shaking a ...

Lately I have been having random dizzy spells. What could be the cause?
I thought I was pregnant, but test came back negative. It started about a week ago. I would be doing something and out of no where I would feel so dizzy I thought I was going to faint. I even had to sit with my head between my legs. Then I got really nauseous like I was going to throw up. this keeps happening and Dr's tests on everything come back fine. What's causing this as I'm afraid one day I might faint. I live alone too. That's what worries me.

Elsa Layne
I get that too (and definitely am not pregnant). I get it yearly--usually in late August / early September, which leads me to believe that it's an allergic reaction to something pollinating. My elderly father gets it too (any time of the year), he was diagnosed with Menier's disease. It could also be a virus... In any case, it's probably *something* to do with the inner ear, causing balance problems. If it's causing serious problems & prosists, you might want to consider getting an MRI just to rule out brain tumors.

Fatigue, dehydration (when you are dehydrated, your thirst mechanism turns off), low sugar level, low blood pressure.

have your heart checked...first of all...then maybe go to a reliabe ciropractor...not all are good...find ones that adjust the whole spine at the same time...it could be a pinched nerve...I have had back problems for years and if the vertabrae that is in my mid low back goes out I get the worst gas pain and have digestive problems. Not to scare you but even young people have heart problems,,,my step newphew just died from a heart attack and he was only 24. so take it all serious... I think this is kinda think this is a coincidence...there is a scripture in the bible that says that in the end of days mens hearts will fail them from fear...there is a lot of fear going on right now considering our government and all but I tell you God Loves you and if you give Him your fears He will give you back peace. When you tap into Him He can show you the hidden path to many things even to protect you financially... I have been with Him since 1995...BEST decision I ever made...I have no fear. I know Jesus is my Lord and He will provide all that I need.. God Bless you...I hope this helps:):):)

Could you possibly have benign positional vertigo? I have that I have been tested for a lot of things, For some reason woman get this, I have to take antivert or wear those sea sickness bands. It goes away but it can be VERY annoying. Look it up on the web, its a possibility.

Vox Caecus
Could be any new medications or it could be your diet. Are you eating enough fruits and veggies? Could also be parasite of some sort.

Drink more water and take a daily vitamin. I have the same thing.

Deborah G
tension particularly on the spine. ear infection, eye trouble, allergies, heart problems, fatigue, and so on. Monitor and record the episodes and seek medical care if the answer is not simple.' Try some simples stretches to start with to help releave tension.

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