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 Help with swollen earlobes ?
So, I've been stretching my ears for 8 months, and I just put in my 2g's after a week and a half of wearing 4g's. Right after the 2g's were inserted, my earlobes had swelled up a ...

 I feel like I'm going to vomit when I don't drink water.?
I don't know why.
Maybe it's because of the energy drink that's I'm not very used to.

 Whats wrong with me? (weird bowel movements)?
Okay so this is probably going to sound really gross but I have to be kind of graphic here. Okay so recently..like the past couple of weeks I have been having to poo all the time..and by that I mean ...

 My sister has 3 brain tumors and no insurance. Does anyone know how she can get help in Alabama?
She has seen a surgeon who says she needs at least the large one removed, but she has no insurance and no one will help her. We live in north Alabama but we are willing to travel to have something ...

 Muscle twitches and cramp?
Hi guys well for the past couple of weeks i have been experiencing muscle twitches in my left big toe, which usually includes all my toes to go into spasm and is extremely painful, also twitches in ...

 Feel sleepy only when I'm studying?
I feel sleepy only when I'm studying. I can be doing stuff on computer all day happily but when I decide to study for an hour, I end up with extreme sleepiness and watery eyes. I need to study ...

 Is there any treatment for down syndrome child with baba Ramdev Haridwar India.?

 Feels like i'm going to black out all the time?
I could be sitting down, then stand up and walk across the room and my eyes will start to go black. If i stand still for a couple of seconds it goes away. It happens when i'm running or playing ...

 does anyone know anything about fibromyalgia?
The doctor figures that I have it. Searing pain in my muscles, from my skull to the arches of my feet. No inflammation evident in my sed rate tests, so it can't be polymyalgia or ankylosing ...

 bowel problems??? please read?
If someone was losing blood clots whilst going for number 2, feeling sick all the time what is this likely to be can it just be caused by bad diet??...

 could bleeding hemorroids cause blood in a fecal sample?

 Is there a link between migraines & a high fever?
I started running a high fever last night at around 6 pm. I had no other symptoms and it was very short lived (which I thought was strange). I fell asleep around 10:15 and the fever was gone but I ...

 is autism genetic......?
what is autism exactly ?can anybody get it or is it only threw ...

 What are good and bad foods to eat for someone with Multiple Sclerosis?
self explanatory.. just want to try to eat healthier.. A simple list works.. ...

 I have mild cirrhosis of the liver, What is my prognosis?
I was admitted to hospital with a gastric bleed in January this year, they were not sure where the bleed was. I had two esophageal varices banded and are now gone.I also suffered hepatic ...

 How to cope with severe podophobia?
I am very terrified of feet, to the point that I have refused to date anyone my entire life and plan on never getting married because every girl has feet. Plus, the feet of your partner will only get ...

 Should I go see a doctor?
I'm thinking I have either kidney stones or uti although the kidney stones is my leading bet. I have been having back pain, nausea/throwing up, frequent urge to urinate, pressure in my left ...

 help please please 15 years only?
my daughter has been unweel for 6 weeks tried antibiotic every kind she feels something n her throat every doctor thinks she still has her tonsils but there in fact gone long time ago now Etn need to ...

 carrier testing on nhs?
me and my partner want carrier testing/genetic testing but cannot afford private treatment. what are the restrictions or qualifications for getting this on the NHS. we have been thinking about having ...

 What is this under my finger nail?
There's like a erm...I dunno....it looks like a tentacle coming out from under my finger nail...seriously is there like an octopus in there!?...

Is it possible to catch a cold from getting wet?
My 12 year old daughter likes nothing better than getting caught in the rain, and sometimes deliberately leaves her umbrella behind even when rain is likely.
I have always told her that as long as she gets dry fairly promptly afterwards (and she has never got absolutely soaked) she will come to no harm. But other people are continually telling her that she will catch a cold from getting wet.

you are all right that you cant catch cold from being wet or being cold, although this doesn't help your immune system. You do catch cold though by air born particles but not in cold air though, the cold germs survive in warm conditions funny as it seems as we all get cold in winter and not summer but for the cold germs to survive they need to be in a warm environment i.e a warm house with heating on and no open windows etc we get cold in winter as we are all more close together shut in a warm cosy house, in summer although it is right temp for the germs we have are windows open and are outside in the fresh air, also we make ourselves and our houses cool hence why we dont normally get cold in summer.

You cannot catch the cold from being wet, though the cold breeds better in cold weather (could be why it's called a "cold"). Though you can get a chill (and in the most serious cases hypothermia or pneumonia) from being wet.as even a slight breeze can cool the water dramatically.

A common misconception about the cold is that it is caused by cold weather or cold water this is not true. A cold is caused by airborne germs that are inhaled in cold weather so you can also get a cold in the summer but that is very rare. If the water is cold then you could get a very minor case of hypothermia but that is if her clothes are soaked with cold water. So it's fine if she plays in the rain as long as it's not too cold outside.

Being wet/cold does not cause a cold, contrary to popular belief. The cold virus breeds better in a colder environment thus this is why you are more likely to catch one when cold.

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