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 What could be the reason for my non stop nausea? I have had this for a year now.?
I am not preggo and It can not be food poisoning. I have food poisoning a year ago when this all start but it can't last a year. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel but that still doesnt make ...

 Can you get herpes from sharing a drink with someone that has it?
Today in lunch at school I needed a drink to take my medicine because I felt nauseous. I asked my friend if I could have a sip of her water, she said sure. Soon as I took a sip she said "OH I HAV...

 what is Tourette syndrome?
what is it and what causes it and what s the ...

 i am a 17 year old female andi have this servere stabbing burning under my right rib cage HELP?
ok for the past few months i have had a really bad pain in my right rib cage. this can occur randomly and wake me up out of sleep. when it hurts i cant move eat or sleep. i have been to the hospital ...

 having really bad upper stomach cramping?
When i eat anything, ive been getting really bad stomach cramps/pain and it causes me constipation, i tried milk of magnesia but it didnt work till the next morning and gave me diarrhea. sometimes it ...

 If a pregnant mother is coeliac, what is the chance of passing it on to her child?
im doing a project on coeliac disease, and i cant find the probability of passing the gene on mother to child the probability of passing it on father to child is 5% thanks for long answer :D my ...

 Throat pain problem not curing for 4 years.?
My Mother is having some problem with her throat for 4 years, she sometimes feels pain,sometime feels like burning, sometime itching inside throat. We have consulted specialist ENT but no use. Have ...

 I've had this joint discomfort for years, what is it?
I'm 15, and since I was about 10 I've been getting 24/7 discomfort in my joints. First it was only my wrists, but now its starting to spread to my other joints (ankles, knees, elbows). I ...

 What are the therapies for rheumatoid arthritis?

 What is the puss found in milk?

 Osgood Schlatters Disease Question?
I obtained this disease when I was about 11 years of age. I am a female with it present in both knees. My knee pain was quite bad, causing me to not be able to walk. Eventually I forced one knee back ...

 need help with drug test problem?
i am getting drug tested tomorrow, and haven't smoked weed for at least two weeks and been working out every day now, what can i do to make it show up less....

 what is the function of lymph?
lymph is specialized fluid formed in the tissue spaces that returns excess fluid and protein molecules to the blood but what is its function....

 My son is in desparate need of an inpatient rehabilitation facility for cocaine abuse in Illinois?
My [foster] son in an abuser of crack cocaine. He has been "clean" for 30 days, but having trouble and really wants to use. I need to find a facility for him to go to to start rehab. E...

 where in the brain does aspergers syndrome effect?
What part of the brain is effected or where does it ...

 Should the Guillian Barre Syndrome recur?
A friend of mine had the Guillian Barre syndrome about seven years ago, could it recur or does the human body developes antigens?...

 Are all MRI's bad.........?
Is getting an MRI a bad thing?...

 How much time should I take off work for hernia surgery?
I'm having a hernia repair surgery coming up and am wondering how much time off I should take off work. My hernia is umbilical, and my surgery will be as an outpatient and I will be going home ...

 Swollen Tonsil, Cant pop ear?
I've had a swollen tonsil for about a year now, and im noticing i cant pop my right ear. It seems like something is either blocking it or whatever is in there is actually swollen too. Has anyone ...

 av lost my appetite...?
hi m really struggling coz av lost my appetite i dnt feel like eatin anythin this morning i forced my self to eat at least 6 cookies but after that i cudnt eat n if i think abou food i feel weird. ...

Is it legal for my employer to fire me for not taking a flu shot that contains mercury,formaldehyde, aluminum?
Is it legal for my employer to fire me for not taking a mandatory flu shot known to contain mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, phenol, etc? According to multiple websites, there is no real evidence that these flu shots have prevented the flu. there is plenty of evidence of very dangerous ingredients that I mentioned. The CDC, in their disingenuous presentation of the flu shots, is culpable in their biased misinformation, of acknowledging on their website the contents mentioned above but 'only in very trace amounts...' but no proof rendered of any prevention of the flu. I do not want these or any other poison injected into my body. Once mercury, as an example, is in the body, its there forever. If I'm required every year to take this shot, I will accumulate the amounts of mercury. I need my job but why should I risk my good health on a shot that isn't proven at all regarding prevention.

Sorry, but the religion card won't work for private industry. If it did, employers wouldn't be able to fire people who refused to work on Saturday or Sunday due to their religious beliefs. Same with the flu shots.

Stating a vaccine violates your religious beliefs or you're allergic to vaccines would be legitimate ways to refuse the vaccine. Either of these issues will bring up discrimation or breach of health and safety if you are fired. Contact your ombudsman for more information.

If you live in the United States, an employer can fire you at any time, for any reason or for no reason at all unless you have the protection of a union or employment contract. While most places make flu shots optional (there are, after all, those who cannot take them for reasons such as an allergy to eggs...the serum contains egg protein), but if your employer makes receiving the shot mandatory and you have nothing on paper that states otherwise, yes, they can fire you.

Yes it is. Most allow an "out" by signing a form. You're very opinionated, but not well educated medically. You can find anything online line. That doesn't mean it's not a huge pile of crap. BTW, there IS evidence as to the effect of the flu shot. If the shot was as dangerous as some claim, the personal injury attorneys would be all over it. If it was as dangerous as some claim, logic would say that after 20+ years of flu shots, I'd be near death from the "toxins". Far from it.

Poor taste
If you have a job that can pass the flu to the vulnerable, then yes. Look for another job!

Absolutely. Why should the employer have to risk his establishment being infected by a preventable disease? Also, you're being really paranoid.

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