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If you have an unquenchable thirst, what illness could it be? (Apart from diabetes)?

Symptoms related to Thirst: dehydration (23), hunger (13), sweating (62), excessive hunger (13), food symptoms (22), thinness (4), weight gain (29), weight loss (120), overeating (10), undereating (11)
Symptoms: symptom center, symptom list, symptom descriptions, all symptoms

Possible causes of symptom: Thirst: The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Thirst as a symptom. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms.

Some common causes of short-term thirst include:
Salty foods
Sugary foods or drinks
Spicy foods
Dry mouth (type of Dental conditions)
Some other causes where it is not really true thirst include:
Comfort drinking (sweet drinks)
Infant bottle association - is an infant thirsty or does it need the bottle for nipple-association and comfort.
Dehydration - see also causes of dehydration such as:
Fluid loss
Hot flashes
Excessive dieting
Anorexia nervosa
Blood loss
Internal bleeding (see Bleeding symptoms)
Gastrointestinal bleeding
Diabetes - excessive thirst is a hallmark of various types of diabetes:
Type 1 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes
Diabetic ketoacidosis
Poorly controlled diabetes
Ecstasy - this illicit drug causes thirst.
Physical diseases with increased thirst include:
Diabetes insipidus
Certain kidney disorders
Chronic kidney failure
Potassium deficiency (type of Mineral deficiency) - such as due to diuretics
Psychological disorders with increased thirst include:
Psychogenic thirst
Compulsive thirst
Brain disorder
Brain tumor
Certain medications
See also causes of dehydration and causes of dry mouth

Ask a doctor, or go to webmd.com

askign a bunch of people like us, could lead you down a path you don't want to go, and it could be something serious.

Sean F
Unquenchable thirst, also called polydipsia, occurs when the patient is dehydrated, or when the thirst mechanism is deranged, ie "psychogenic polydipsia" which is a psychiatric illness.

Dehydration can occur from water deprivation, or from excessive water loss.

Water loss is mainly urinary.

There are two main reasons why the body would produce huge amounts of urine:

1. Diabetes insipidus - this is NOT what people mean when they say "Diabetes". That disease is diabetes mellitus. Diabetes insipidus is when the body is unable to form concentrated urine (either through lack of secretion of anti-diuretic hormone, or lack of efficacy of it as may occur when taking lithium), leading to large volumes of water loss.

2. Excessive amount of a solute which the body is getting rid of, eg, glucose in the case of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus. In this case the kidneys just flush lots of fluid through.

But water loss can also occur from the gastro-intestinal tract, ie vomiting and diarrhoea.

Excessive sweating will also cause thirst.

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