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I have bad stomach problems.. can someone help?
About 70% of the time over the past 6 months I've been feeling very sick to my stomach and with the sickness comes bad breath, diarrhea and belching. Does anyone know what this could be? I've been tested for an ulcer.

i had this exact same problem.. but for 2 years. i didnt drink any carbonated drinks, only water and juice, sometimes ate junkfood but usually had sandwhiches, salads, crackers,fruit, veggies, yogurt, anything healthy! it quit, and also if you usuakky feel nauseous or the upper part of your stomach hurts, go to a GI doctor (specializes in stomach pains) and they might tell you that you have acid reflux, thats what I had and they put me on this medicine and my stomach hasnt hurt in a very long time! hope this works! :)

Sounds like acid refulx

This could possibly be gallbladder disease. See your primary care physician as soon as possible and ask for an ultrasound to either rule in or out gallbladder disease.

In the meantime, go on a NO fat diet and also eliminate all tomato and other acidic foods. If this eliminates your problem, it is even more likely that you have gallbladder disease.

Try eating vegetables and a salads for a week. Cut out sugar drinks like Cokes,Pepsi, etc. Drink plenty of water

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