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 How can I treat my earache?
My ear and Eustachian tube hurt just as they did when I was a little girl. I have a bit of a headache and sore throat, too. I took a decongestant, but that didn't help. I have to go to work ...

 my kidney has shrunk over period of years what could be the cause?

 Is my finger infected?
So I chew my fingers alot and get cuts that sometimes hurt or bleed. Recently I got a cut that's not too deep on my middle finger but it's very sensitive and hurts to the touch. It's ...

 What would cause a 3 year old to have cold like symptoms for 2 1/2 months?
Also wheezing and labored breathing especially when he plays or has exercise, inside or outside. He also has had ear infections....

 What are the risks if a child who has been taking Strattera for a long time stops taking it suddenly?

 MY Chest hurts bad!!!!!!!!!?
my chest starts hurting real bad for like 10 min. then stops for 15 to 20 min and starts again. Should i be ...

 My big toes purple, should I go to doctor?
Well you know that skin on the side of your nail you bite at, well I ripped off the caluse part on my toe skin there. It ripped on the inside too. Then it looked like the inner tissue came out so I ...

 Can a person have an average school level, not to smart, not to dumb, but still be autistic/asperger's?
Would they even be on here if they had it? Because i'm very sure i have it

*i'm not in ANY way trying to offend those who ARE autistic , or an aspie....

 Help! i have a nasty head cold and need to get better like asap!?
Well, actually i need to be better by saturday morning because im singing at church! so any tips will help!

I have a stuffy nose chronic headache and a sorta soar ...

 What are some good easy ways to get rid of headaches?
I have a severe headaches. Can you help me?...

 Help my sister still pees in her bed?
hi my sister has this problem she still pees in the bed its at 13 years old! she had this problem ever since she was little. its gross it smells and the bad part she dont change the blankets she uses ...

 Whats the worst that acid reflux can do and how can you cure it?

 Do you smack a person that is having a seizure?
My sister's husband has them and they smack him in the face. I have never heard of this before. I don't think it okay to do this. I really want to know....

 I have worms in my stool? What do I do?? Kinda worried.. :(?
Today I went to the bathroom and I saw 2 or 3 worms in my stool. Very thin, and white... They were dead too.. I am worried as to what this means? I am going into the walk in clinic tomorrow, but to ...

 Nose piercing? could the piercing be infected or could I need to go to the doctor?
I'm asking this in health bc I think ppl here are more likely to know the answer.

so it kept bugging me and itching and stuff. Which people say it should during healing but I kept ...

 can adults get colic?

 Adderall and breathing issues?
I started taking adderall 2 days ago. The first day I had no issue, but yesterday I started having trouble taking deep breathes around 10 hours after usage. Also I had very little sleep between these ...

 i just passed out and woke up shaking..?
i'm a 13 year old girl and i have anemia. and i usually get dizzy and everything turns black, but i'm still awake and i can hear and feel everything that is going on around me until the ...

 If a blood test shows I don't have celiac disease, then do I 100% for sure not have it?
If I get tested for celiac disease and the results show I don't have it, I heard I could still be allergic to gluten.
Is this true?
Sounds dumb... I mean if I don't have it, then I...

 My "boyfriend" said he had Tourette's?
I just started dating this guy who's very nice, and seemingly pretty normal. We had a personal conversation the other night, where he told me as a child, age 10 or 12 or so, (he's 27 now) ...

I feel dizzy, my stomach hurts, and I feel nauseous.?
I woke up early this morning feeling fine, but then an hour passed and i started feeling nauseous. I went to stand up and go down stairs but then my head started hurting and i got dizzy and couldn't walk anymore. I don't know what this is?

Jess May
This happens to me allllll the time when I don't eat.

Maria Shannon
could be flu. especially around this time of year

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