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How to lower down SGPT?
Hi all,

Last January 26, I had a series of blood tests in my body because I wasn't feeling well and it was somewhat a general checkup that the doctor suggested. I remembered that my cholesterol was 220 and my SGPT was 81. The reference value is saying that I am indeed above the normal cholesterol and SGPT level. However, the doctor did not get alarmed about the SGPT. He said I was fine and I just need to diet.

Last Febuary 24, I had symptoms of acid reflux and I feel like vomiting after eating or drinking water (except I don't vomit the food that I eat). I went to a different doctor this time, one who is expert in Gastro Internal medicine. He looked at my former blood results (last January 26) and said that my SGPT/Cholesterol were High. He then requested for another blood test and this time, my SGPT went down to 62. Cholesterol is still high. He then requested for an ultrasound of my liver and we found out that I have a


He also did a gastroscopy of my stomach and found out that I had gastritis. No threatening symptoms in my stomach.

He decided that we do something about those 2 High results and gave me medicine to lower down the cholesterol level and vitamins that could fix my SGPT. At this time, I've been taking a lot of medicines - 1) for my gastritis 2) liver 3) stress medicine 4) another for my gastritis.
It has been going on for a while and now I decided to return to my doctor.

Now I had my blood test and we found out that my cholesterol level went down from 220 to 150 which is good. But the problem is my SGPT, it is now 79!

My doctor said that it was because I was drinking the cholesterol medicine. Now he said that since my cholesterol is fine, I should stop the cholesterol medicine to lower down the SGPT.

I'm not doubting my doctor but is that true? I did some research and I believe there is a truth on what he said.

He also said that I should just continue my Gastritis tablet and Liver vitamins for 2 months. He reduced the Gastritis tablet for once a day, it was 2x a day before. He also said I should exercise and have a strict diet.

Well I guess this are my real questions:

1) Is 79 alarming for my SGPT level? (normal is 42)

2) What are the best ways to lower down SGPT and how fast will it go down? Can I achieve something in 10 days? Because I'm planning to check my SGPT level after 10 days.

3) Can an Ultrasound detect Hepatitis? I read something about negative results of Hepatitis in the Ultrasound results. I don't know if that is relative information or what.

Thank you very much.

I am not a doctor and can't answer some of your questions from experience. I don't know what SGPT is at all. So I cna't help you there. I believe cholesterole sould e lower than 200 but that is not terribly bad. A lot depends on triglicerides though and the good holesterol. If good holesterol is high then tht offsets a lot. Mine is very low and my cholesterol is fine but triglicerides are high. I don't know what your triglicerisdes are. Ther eare medications lthat help control chholesterol and also triglicerides. I take Tricor for either cholesterol or triglicerides. I also take 4 fatty fish oil capsules a day for triglicerides. My husband has to have his PT level checked as he is on blood thinker ut it is muh lower nmbers than your SGPT so I don't know what that is.

Hepatitius is usually checked int he blood test. A negative is good. It is positive you don't want.

Lots of us who are overweight have fatty liver. Doctor told me that if there is fat in the body and on the body then some of it is in liver too. Mine has been fatty for some time. Not a good thing but is not
imminent danger if it is only mildly fatty.

It seems obvious taht you need to have more dialogue with your doctor to ask him what the medicines do and why you are taking them. You an help by dereasing transfats and polysaturated fats. choose mono unsaturated fats. Olive oil is good for cooking and cannola oil for baking.

Ask your doctor about your concerns as they are the expert Someone else you can talk to is your pharmacist. That is the expert on medications.

Good luck.

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