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 i have a small cut on my toe that looks and feels infected?
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 Do I need a medicine identification card?
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 Is Corsodyl available in Canada?
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 how can you tell if someone is a phsycopath?
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 Labyrinthistis/Vestibular Neuritis questions?
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 what does it mean when your vomit is black?

 Tenho filho autista de 4 anos!Que devo fazer? i have son 4 years with autism?
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 do anybody know of any pills that you take rite b4 u go 2 take your drug test that work?
i took these 2 pills wen i first got on the bus 2 go take my drug test and i want 2 know r there any pills that really do work like that?...

 urinating every hour or hour and half, also twice in night?
im 18 and it's been going on since late november {the one just gone} ive been urinating more than usual some lots some average amount. but sometimes i feel fine sometimes not. i get up twice ...

 Hemoglobin level is 11.5--I am an adult female?
Is this a bad number?...

 Could I have Synesthesia?!?
Some certain things remind me of other things.. Words remind me of food. Ex. the name "Pete"= peaches the words "agree"= mashed potatoes.. And my letters have colors. I dont ...

How to get rid of a boil in between my groin and leg?
This thing has gotten somewhat bigger over the past 3 days. Right now it feels tender and it's filled with pus. I had one 3 years ago and the doctor prescribed me a cream. However because of the location of it I don't want go to the doctor... Any suggestions on how to get rid of it.. I don't want to pop it because it hurts and I heard the bacteria can spreed in the blood stream. I just want it to go!

Please see a doctor...If you won't do that, at least buy some Ichthammol Ointment (may have to ask for it at pharmacy counter) & see if it works. It has been around forever & draws the stuff out of places like this. GREAT stuff! (looks and smells like axle grease!) Blessings

Warm compress! Take a washcloth and wet it with water as hot as you can stand. Place it on the boil until it cools off... Repeat as often as you can and the boil will pop on its own after a few times. If you keep getting them, you will want to go to the doctor and have it swabbed so they can do a culture to make sure it is not MRSA which is a staph infection. The doctor will usually prescribe bactrim for this as MRSA is not resistant to it but is too many antibiotics.

Peeping Tommy
I am getting these that you describe in the same location!!! And guess what it is? Cheap soaps when you shower. I cant use Ivory, Irish spring or cheap brands because pow I get a very painful big boil where you said. I never squeeze them . They will vanish in a couple of days. Hurts I know but leave it alone. Promise it will go away on it own. Try to forget about it and I can gauranttee it will go away on it own including the pain. CHANGE YOUR SOAP or you will get more in the same area..

I think you need to go to the doctor. Alot of people on here are going to read this and say mean things to you. It sounds like it could be herpes. So please please go to the doctor! You don't want it to get any worse!

donna jean
You could try PRID salve which is sold at most drugstores over the counter. It has stuff in it to draw out stuff from boils.

Warm compress, and patience. other than that I'd open it up and drain it but thats me. I'm trained how to do that so, don't try that part.

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