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Sam, Vice President of the YAA
How long does it take for a stye to go away?
I got my stye 10 days ago - it's under the eyelid on the inside. At first it hurt for a couple of days but then the pain went away and it slowly drained. But after a couple of days, I decided to check with the doctor and he gave me some antibiotics, which I promptly took and finished.

However, the stye is still there - hard, and lumpy as ever - and I am wondering when it will go, if at all. I don't want to think about the thought of surgery but if all else fails, that's my last choice.

So my question is: how long does it take for a stye to go away, and is there anything I can do to make it go faster? Warm compresses don't seem to work though.

a couple of weeks but the more u touch it , the more bacteria you put in it so try not to mess with it .do what your dr said and use the warm compress often

About 2 weeks, but there is a rare type of stye that lasts for months, I kid you not, when I was 10 years old I got a stye that lasted for almost 2 months, the docters said I could either wait it out or get surgary.

about 2 weeks. so hang in there.

Expected Duration

A sty usually goes away in a week or two. Chalazions generally take longer, disappearing after a month or more. Warm compresses can help both styes and chalazions go away sooner.

medically known as hordeolum, is an abscess of a grease produsing gland on or under the eyelid. It is caused by a bacterial infection and is commonly assoctiated with inflamation of the eyelid. When the sty bursts , there is relief from pain and an immediate improvement. Treatment is to bathe the sty with a cloath soaked repeatedly in hot water- thats all i know sorry

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