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How can i tell if my wound is infected?
Yesterday I tripped while running down a hill and naturally out of reflexes my hands went down to reduce my impact. Well unluckily my left hand started to bleed it is a small wound (maybe 2 cm in diameter). I did not do anything to it to sterilize it and today i am worried that it might be infected i have heard bad things about infections. There is slight discoloration of my skin but that is right on the spot where the wound is. Also there is some yellowish whitish stuff coming out on top of the wound i do not know if this pus.

Please let me know what effects an infected wound can have on someone.


It could harm you a lot, check to the doctor and always keep it clean from any dirt....

The Gangster
doesn't sound too bad.. just keep it clean, wash & soap it. but if it doesnt get any better, go to the doctor

Nurse Katy
It's not cellulitis but it does sound like an infection.

An infection can turn into cellulitis if not treated properly. Clean it well, put neosporin on it and keep it covered. Change the bandage frequently.

If you start running a fever go to the doctor immediately.

it sounds infected. your hand could fall off if you leave it too long.

If I were you I'd pour or pat some proxide on the wound and see if it bubbles if it bubbles it's infected the more it bubbles the worse it is. If you don't have proxcide then clean the wound and let it close up (so that you can tell this next part)...is there a red mark (is the skin red) right around the outside of the wound? If so that's another sign of infection.

the yellow stuff is normal, its your white blood cells doing their job in helping form a scab. use an anti-bacterial soap on it and cover it. don't use alcohol, its too harsh for the skin. definately cover it though, this will keep most pathogens out. just wash it maybe twice a day and you should be fine. if the drainage starts smelling foul or the yellow stuff gets thick or turns other colors, then you should worry. good luck!

Go to the doctor immediately. It sounds like the same thing I got after a dog bite. It's called cellulitis (a type of infection).
I was hospitalized for three days and given antibiotics because I was running a fever because of the bite.

It sounds infected.. just bathe it and cover, keep it clean.
And don't fiddle with it.It will get better soon

x f
you have an infected wound, always keep it clean with detol, apply antiseptic cream. Keep the wound dry and in a few days it will be better.

You can tell a wound is infected via the following signs and symptoms:
1) wd area is inflammed, reddened and swollen. and tender.
2) there might be slight discharge
3) there is induration or pain
4) you might run a fever if the wound is severe.
5) the small abrasion that you have during your fall will heal eventually. There's little reason for it to become infected. You should try applying Neosporin Oint to the wd itself. And try to keep it clean and dry. Applying a drsg or band-aid would certainly help towards faster healing and without scar.

A serious and deep cut or wound if left untreated would eventually become an abscess. and if you are a diabetic; where wound healing is compromised. You might end up losing that extremity to amputation. So it's impt to prevent it from getting infected.

Moreover, if you cut yourself with a rusty nail or sharp object; you should get some tetanus vaccination ( it's good for 10Yrs)

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