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 Information on Fibromagila?
I have so many symptoms for 6 mo. now I'm just feeling it's something more. I have had many blood test. Waiting for result on MRI. My legs and arms go paralized. My legs arms hands feet get ...

 will there be a machine where we could get our detailed blood test result without consulting a doctor?
we can do analysis of our own body with our knowledge .Different doctors give different views to the problems we face .Instead of confusing ourselves lets seek our own wisdom in atleast basic things.....

 What is esonifils?
what cause low esonifils counr in a WBC?...

 what are the symptoms of shy drager sydrome?

 what symptoms will direct me to go for a brain scan? what are the most common symptoms of brain affections?

 Does Altitude affect the progression of osteoperosis?
Is 1000 ft and going to 6000 ft going to make a difference....

 Has anyone else experienced seizures or migraines due to diphenhydramine?
I've been taking Simply Sleep on a nightly basis for quite awhile and just read a post on a site, where someone said they could'nt take diphenhydramine because they cause seizures/migraines....

 Bulimia Nervosa//Anorexia Nervosa?
Has or is anyone on here suffered or suffering from bulimia or anorexia? If so, how did it start? How has it effected your life? &How did you overcome it? If anyone wants to talk about this AOL...

 conn's disease?

 pls help????????
my blood test report says thyroid stimulating hormone (tsh) 7.96 i am 35 yrs/male?and blood sugar is normal? but people says i look like i loosising weight.who ever meet me even after 10-15 days. I ...

 How long does a person typically live after their kidneys are failing and they are taken off life support?

 if a health care worker gets blood in their eye from someone with HIV, can they take something right away?
to protect themselves from getting the disease?...

 Serious Question?
Do you think Downs syndrome children who are able to reason and hold a job should be allowed to drive?...

 Lyrica pregabalin side effects?

 What does anyone know about hepatitus C can you get it from drinking???

 Absence seizures, if so what medications help?
Getting help for our son was a nightmare. Will he grow out of the epilepsy? We have 3 meds that work for him. Just want to compare....

 what can be the reason of generalised pain in abdomen?
a patient is having generalised abdominal pain which is radiating to back,flanks and on vertebras.what can be the reason?is it due to gas in abdomen or some other reason?...

 What school did John Lew M.D. university of Miami graduate from and when.?

 i need to know what r the rheumatoid factor (latex) causes?
hii everyone, i need your help to know the causes of the rheumatoid factor (latex) and what i can do to overcome it and my rheumatoid is not high it is only in my hands joints and my foot but it ...

 Anyone familiar with insulin resistance?
Recently found out I show signs of insulin resistance and was told to cut out carbs and sugar. Is there a maximum amount of both I should consume per day? Is insulin resistance reversible?...

Has anyone heard of acute immune deficiency syndrome?
No not aids this is very different. NO NOT AIDS this is where it affects certain parts of the body like aids but not fatal, like two kinds of lupus

pediatriconcall.com/.../primary_immune_deficiency_disorders.asp primary immune deficiency syndrome..This is not Aids,and children and adults can have this.Remember the movie {THE BUBBLE BOY} who lived in the bubble?There are treatments with IG therapy,infusions monthly or..more frequently.. I can't even begin to tell you all the misconceptions for this.

Aquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome = AIDS Human Immunodeficiency Virus = HIV, also known as Acute HIV Syndrome It's all referring to the same deficiency.

Sorry, but acute immune deficiency syndrome is the universal definition of AIDS.

isn't it acquired immune deficieny syndrome is aids but i've never heard of that... tell us more.

this is what people used to call aids in the early 1980s unless there is something else out there nowadays

Gia S
Yep. That's also known as AIDS. It's unfortunate how many people are being taken away from us. Including my uncle who died in 1991. But if its not AIDS you're speaking of you may be referring to Acute Respiratory Syndrome or Chronic Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

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