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 I took 2 laxatives (bisacodyls) last night at 10 pm. it is now 12 pm the next day, why haven't i gone?
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 I have pressure between my eyes???
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 do u poo in public toilets?
if u do hav to poo in public loos do u do it loud,or keep the noice down?...

 Do You Think I'm Anemic?
I've been sick for the past two days and in those past two days and I've been considerably pale, fatigued and shaky. My heart rate has been higher and I've just been so so tired.

 I need some help finding a fatal disease?
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 If you had tourette's, what would be your catch phrase?

 Child getting seazure during fever.?
My son is 3 years old. General healthy boy, but when he has fever due to I don't know whether it's cold, or infection, he get seazure.
He had 2 seazures in the past two weeks.
I ...

 What are the long term effects of bulimia?
I was bulimic for 2 and a half years starting at age 18. I have since recovered and have not binged or purged in 7 months...nor have I had the urge to. But my question is, what permanent damage ...

 What is the MOST worst health disorder? (or mental.).?
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 I was tested with a scope down my throat and the doc said?
I have acid reflux and if I take my medicine, the productive coygh and gasp will disappear.

I had been on ant-acids before the test and that didn't help...
How is it going to ...

 How to reduce swelling in fingers?
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 why does my mom have????
why does my mom have bad gas i dont know if this helps but she just had cheap mexican food pleeeeze help as soon as possible this is and emergency thanx for all the help ps she's about 2 blow it ...

 is marajuana bad for your brain?
if you smoke it most days ?...

 achoo! achoo! achoo! ???
Can't stop sneezing for the past two and a half days?
It's not allergies....

 Can you live without one of your kidneys? If one were to fail and dialysis couldn't help, will one suffice?

 Are people mainly fat because of some genetic disorder?
If so, how common is this?...

 I feel like I have a terrible fever but don't have a thermometer handy.?
What can I use to substitute for one or something?

Also, is it considered feminine to have a thermometer?...

 If you are trying to quick drinking.......?
What is a good thing to take its place as far as medicine, herbs, etc.? Don't say cold turkey, that's a bit much right now....

Feeling so weak and tired lately, no appetite, craving bloody meat?
I know I should go see a doctor, but would like to know what could be causing this. I've been feeling weak and very tired lately, i could probably sleep all day long if i didnt have to go to work. Even at work i kneeled down to get something and i was so tired i wanted to fall asleep in that position it was hard to get up. I exercise each morning 5 times a week, but am completely drained after but not hungry at all i just wnat to sleep. I do try to eat but when i do eat it makes my stomach hurt like crampy and diareah and i crave bloody meat.

sleep all day
bloody meat,
Did you try looking in the mirror to see if you have a refection ?
Vampire i bet. early stages

uhhh ohhh !!...check your neck for bite marks...you might be a vampire.

go to a stake restaurant and git a stake that's still very red on the inside i think that's as close as u can git to bloody meet
and u should take a few days off of work to sleep like the other person sed its ur probly lacking iron in ur sistem i git very week like that sometimes but i usually sleep a day or to and After that i keep my self awake that day then go back to sleep at night and the next day im better
but iv never craved bloody meet befor that's interesting

make peace not war <3
thats strange just go to a doctor i doubt anyone on this site can know what you have

I really think that you need to go to the doctor cause this is not normal

you have an iron deficienecy, deficiency eat meaty foods

Queen B
you need iron...take a supplement. you are not getting enough

You should go to your Dr and ask for a CBC test (complete blood count). Most likely, you are anemic and low on iron. I have been severely anemic twice. Recently, I bruised very easily, was tired and extremely weak, and the Dr was able to tell me a couple days after the blood test that I was anemic and to get on iron ASAP. Red meat has a lot of iron in it, so that is why your body is craving it; because you are probably low on iron. I had some weird cravings when I was anemic. I craved ice, and I read in a magazine that people who are iron deficient may crave ice. Feel better, and get to the Dr so you will feel better! Take care :)

Glassy 3 footers
I'd suggest you first cut back working out to say 2 times per week...if you don't feel better in a couple weeks I'd go see the doc dude...that's pretty serious.

Eggroll Jenkins â„¢
Maybe you are a vampire.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Eat what you are craving. Your body is trying to tell you something.

Also - go see a doctor.

Yogurt might replenish the friendly bacteria in your intestines.

Diarrhea can leave you dehydrated, weak and dizzy. My mom is in the hospital right now, in kidney failure, due to dehydration from diarrhea. Go see a doctor.

Well the there can be three answers to this problem: 1 your anemic, 2 Your becoming a Vampire!, or 3 your turning into a Werewolf. good luck with that.

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