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i am doing a paper on smoking and i would really like it if anybody had some great information about smoking or if anyone could point me in the direction of a good website about smoking!!!!...

richard r
Does bi-polar illness get worse with age?
My daughter is 40 and is bi-polar. Always takes her meds & still gets hospitalized once a year for about 30 days. It has been 6 months and is sick again so I am wondering as she gets older will episodes become more frequent. This illiness is severe for her.

I'm 41 with bi-polar II. My mania is of the less severe kind. I've struggled with the crazy mood fluctuations since pre-teendom. My doctor said that everything becomes easier with age as I learn new and better coping skills. Being in the hospital is inevitable sometimes because we just fall apart and are unable to care for ourselves properly. Being a healthy person with bipolar is very challenging. As long as your daughter can be disciplined about her eating and can get some exercise daily than her chances for maintaining some balance increases. I'm really good about taking my meds too but I get sick pretty much every year as well. My doctor said that, well, all the doctors I've seen say that the meds can't do it all. Stressing regular bed times, sleep schedule, eating properly (meaning cut the junk food and watch meat consumption) along with exercise is the main tools for well being. It is easier said than done when battling mood disorder, however. I would like to say that her episodes won't become more frequent but the frustrating thing about this is illness is it's very unpredictability and that it affects everyone differently. Good luck and Peace.

Linda S
So many people can live like this wihtout letting the cat out of the bag. I have this disorder and people pretty much leave me alone.They just act like they don't notice when I am the superrior person running about trying to organize things.And then the days when I am down they still don't notice. You may wonder if she will get worse but if she is not using substance chances are she may remain about the same.

Its known to but if you work out and your in good shape you should be able to mantain it with out it spreading or getting worse I do hope tat you get Better Your friend, Malcolm

Mally H.
i don't think it does. But bi-polar disorder is very unstable and can fluctuate.

My mother seemed to get a lot better after menopause

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