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 hard to breath, light headed, shaking, nausea?
ok for the past three days i have found it hard to breath, it hurts sort of like my lungs are tight and throat. I'm also shaking quite obviously, iv always had a low blood pressure and some ...

 How can you tell someone got botox?
So it think my mom got botox and I am totally against anything like that! So, how can you tell?...

 Did I throw up liver bile and toluene?
A few weeks ago I randomly got really nauseous and threw up probably a quart of liquid, mostly clear or slightly yellowish, and some clear green liquid. It didn't taste like much, felt mostly ...

 Help with acid / bloatedness !!!!?
My doc said i am suffering from acid !!!!
i didn't realise the feeling could b so extreme and i always thought acid burnt =/
anyway today i woke up feeling really hungry so made myself ...

 What is type of illness is insomnia?
thats it really ??? people on here seem to be suffering from it and i want to what it is and what it does....

 What would cause swollen lymph nodes around the neck?
I was already tested negative for mono and leukemia. One is located below my jaw under my ear, and the rest are in the back of my neck....

 How to reduce swollen finger?
My fiancee's ring finger swelled up tody and we had to take the engagment ring off.

After about 10 hours, the swelling has decreased a lot, but not enough for the ring to go back on.<...

 Is it possible that I am now anemic?
First off, I'm 18, female, I'm under-weight, I go to the gym, I eat healthy, etc.

A while ago, my cardiologist told me that my iron levels were pretty low and I was borderline ...

 where can i find polydactyly information?
For a project, i need to learn about polydactyly:
its causes (specific chromosomal/gene of mutation)
how it's tested

and I don&...

 Ive just vomitted brown..but special conditions?
Ive just vomitted, from what I think is over-eating in a short amount of time. The vomit was a bit brown, but I was just drinking soda before that which is the same color so I dont know if its blood ...

 Is it bad to take 1580 mg of cheap advil?
Ive been getting NO results with taking only 3 walgreens brand advil so i waited 6 hours and took 4 of them that totalled 1580 and ive heard if u take to much u could get seriously hurt. it was for 2...

 What is this 'disease' called?
My little cousin who is 11 has been in the hospital for a week. He's 11 and whatever is wrong with him starts with an a...its not autism. He has bad anxiety and wants to die. He has a hard time ...

 My friend doesn't think he is a Ginger (red head)...anymore?
I have this friend whose hair is strawberry blonde mixed with red. I've known him since he was 5 years old so I grew up with him. When we were younger he was a full blown ginger with all the ...

 Do I have EDNOS? (eating disorder not otherwise specified)?
I've had a distorted body image my entire life, but I just recently started counting calories. I exercise excessively and I worry about my weight way to much. I usually take in around 600-900 ...

 any doctor ther..i have some queries.....?
hey can anybody tell me why basically epidermodysplasia verruciformis(treeman's disease) occur..it is not clear in the wikipedia
thank ...

 How do you cure every disease at once?

 I have a really bad burning soar throat...any one know how to make it go away?

 if there is only one bed bug?
today while tidying up my room I noticed a small bug on my bed, and after looking at images on the web I am sure it is a bed bug. MY grandma is coming tomorrow, and my parents are angry at my room ...

 How can I stop my lisp? I'm 14 and every day I get made fun of at school and I'm sick of it. ?

 Is it normal for my temperature to rise like this?
I've had a sore throat for the past few days, and this morning (around 7:30) it turned into a dry cough and major headaches. My headaches and cough have been going away with Dayquil and I...

lisa h
Does alzheimers affect a persons sense of taste and include weight loss?
The person I am asking this question about has lost about fifty pounds and says his food taste funny and has no appetite

Yes they do.My Mother has Alzheimer's and she lost her taste for food.She has had Alzheimer's for about 10 years. Good luck, It's a very bad and sad Diseases.

One of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer's is weight loss. It is very difficult to deal with and I think you should locate your area Alzheimer's association for a support group and more accurate information about what to expect as the disease progresses. You and your family should explore options and discuss any medication side effects with the doctor. However, yes, this is a common problem with Alzheimer's. I am so sorry for what you are going through.

it can include those things. 50 pounds is a lot to lose. he should be seen by a dr, aside from alzheimer's, it could be something very serious.....

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