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 how does ativan make you feel?

 IBS/Celiac disease HELP!?
I don't know which i have yet im waiting for a blood test to find out. I was told IBS (diarrhea) first (about a month ago) and ive been suffering for about 3 years but now i know what it is im ...

 There is blood in my vomit?
i ate too much candy at school even though i know im not suppose too because when i do i get realllllyyy sick(especially sourpatches)

so i ended up barfing when i got home.
i saw a ...

 Cure for brain damage for inhalants users?
Okay im a inhalant user , and i wouldn't dare to use my own email address to post this question im ashamed of myself, and i have quited it for half a year ago, Im happy about it , i feel great ...

 Is there any way I can help the pregnant meth addict I just met?
Now, I'm not 100% positive she's a meth addict, because I just met her in passing, but she is pregnant with twins and says she is going to deliver prematurely because she has a partial ...

 Non-Eplileptic Seizure Cures? Valium?
This past year I've started having seizures spaced about 1-2 months apart while sleeping. I'm taking Keppra and rather than go to the ER every time to avoid immediate recurrences I've ...

 What is this disease called where it causes both of the woman's breast to keep growing until it implodes?

 How do you know if your testicals are big enough? ?
Just Currious!...

 Pain with bowel movement?
I have had several abdominal surgeries in the past. 3 c-sections, 2 to remove tumors (left lower abdomen), Gall bladder removal, tubal ligation and hernia repair. I have had tremendous pain in the ...

 Is it normal - every time I get a cold my ear/s block?
I had a hearing test not too long ago as I was concerned about my ears but they said the results show my hearing is excellent. However, in the past few years whenever I get a cold or flu really bad I ...

 Strange Ear Condition?
Um, the opening to my ear canal (or the part where you dig in your ear for better words) keeps shutting. Only my right ear. Seems like I don't have much wax in it either. Only after I tug my ...

 What happens if you dont get any sun light for a long period of time?
whats are the side effects?...

 Do I have celiacs disease?
My mum and my uncle both have celiacs disease. A few years ago I had a blood test (you get a reading, 0-20 negative, 20-100 possible, 100+ pretty much definite)
My blood test was 22. My doctor ...

 What illness do I have if my stools are grey coloured?
I am 65, male and feel very tired....

 How long do stomach bugs last?
whenever i eat i feel sick and get stomach aches but i'm never actually sick. i also feel faint. how long will i have the bug before it goes?...

 Help needed! Swollen spot!?
I've got a spot on my chin which is very red but isn't that big the problem is, is that it's become infected and the skin around it is so swollen has anyone got any advice in how to ...

 home remedy to get rid of spots quick!?
ok, so i have some VERY important photos to take of me and i have the most awful spots, does anyone have any HOME REMEDYS that can get rid of spots FAST!...

 Help me! What do I have! How can I cure it ?
Hi I am in bed shivering, yet sweating, Horrible sore throat. Chesty Cough , Sneezing , Runny Nose

No Temperature , 13 years old.. Help!...

 what happens if i stop urinating for an hour?
is there any prob with tat?...

 rabies Incubation period?
hi in internet i found that average (tipical) inccubation period of rabies is 2 month.what does it mean??
does it mean that symptom appears within 2 month from the day of bitten or symptom ...

Mal Jacob
Do you feel pain if you are poisoned to death ? what is the least painful poison?


Edwardo Estaban
not poisoning someone is the least painful poison.

I'm no expert on poison, but I'd say Cyanide, I heard biting a Cyanide capsule grants near instant death.

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