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 small pea shaped lump behind ear?
i found a small pea shaped lump behind my earlobe on the base of the bone, it doesnt hurt, i checked my boyfriend and he has one too, what are they? I never had it before!!??...

 fibromyalgia and guaifenesin?

 Is Poor Circulation Dangerous?
I think I have realized I have poor circulation to my feet and hands. They fall asleep much too often, but is that something serious? could it cause other problems? does anyone else get this? Because ...

 How do I know if I have Epilepsy?
I'm pretty certain I don't have it. I mean, all my life I have always been told I was healthy, and the possibility was never brought up. I mean, I don't even have a history of it in ...

 What do you think is the outcome of an 80 year old woman with a blood clot on her brain?
the hospital have said they will wait to see if it disperses on its own how likely is ...

 Do you think my boyfriend is bipolar?
I'm dating this nice guy for about 3 month, everything is doing very very well!! he is very nice and gentleman...but few weeks ago he told me that his mother is bipolar but he got test and he ...

 What is the chance of dying from a blood clot in the foot?
I really need an answer from someone who knows what they are talking about... my dad has had a swollen foot and ankle for 2 weeks now and he went to the hospital today and found out he has a blood ...

 How do I stop myself from vomiting from nerves?

 Mother having dark stools, any advice helps?
My mother has had stomach issues for a long time and she has also told me that her family has had diverticulitis, as well gallbladder problems which i am not yet aware of the symptoms that go along ...

 Stomach won't stop making noises?
I'm 16 and at college, no matter how much i eat my stomach is constantly making noises. They are so loud and continuous people in my class keep turning round and looking and it is so ...

 HELP! I don't feel so good?
Okay, around 12 (EST) today I had about 3 big spoonfuls of Townhouse cookie dough from the tubs you buy at the grocery store. Around 12:15 I started to feel a little weird, stomach wise. I took a ...

 Any advice for temporary relief for severe diabetetic neuropathy pain in legs:(?
Im a 21yr old female with autonomic neuropathy also affecting digestive system, brain and heart, It seems like ive tryed everything to help with the pain tylenol does nothing and I can't take ...

 Describe the relationship between arterial and venous vessels?

 Semi-constant headache...what could it be?
I've had an almost constant headache in my temple for about two weeks now. My left temple hurt to press on, and the headache went toward the back of my head as well. For most of the duration it ...

 feels like there is a lump next to my left rib cage with slight pain............?
it kinda feels like there is like a lump or pressure next to my left rig cage kinda just like there is a lump there or something is can have a very slight shooting pain and feels weird if i lean or ...

 POLYCYTHEMIA VERA My friend was recently rushed into hospital with a ruptured spleen he was diagnosed with PV?
A month later he is now dead. he never left hospital.With what i have read on the internet this is not such a drastic disease so as to kill him so quickly (he was aged 42) otherwise healthy. Is ...

 What causes a swollen lymph node..?
Does it hurt..I am concerned about the neck area most.. OK now i know what causes it. What I want to know is if it's painful or ...

 I can't seem to function without an anti-depressant?
I can't seem to function without an anti-depressant, yet everytime I take one, it makes my weight balloon up. Is there an anti-depressant out there that doesn't make you gain weight? I ...

 Possible appendicitis?
I've had a feeling of nausea throughout the day. It was only bad in the morning and sometimes it went away for a little bit. I also have dull pains in the lower right abdomen sporadically and ...

 What do you think...?
I keep getting headaches every day now. It has been going on for almost two weeks. For the first week or so I was sick and was getting dizzy while in bed. Now I am just getting headaches in the ...

Deadly disease which shortens your life. (best answer will be chosen)?
So, I'm writing a story, and i need a disease (besides cancer) than an 18 year old girl can have, and she will only have a few months left to live. if anyone can name one, and give a little bit of information about it, i would appreciate it!

I think you want the long progressive chronic, the worse the better one. And not a sudden one? You want the undetected, unknown disease? Or the incurable one (progressive and irreversible disease)? Like rare type of infection. I'll give you the progressive and irreversible disease: - Spinocerebellar ataxia (this one used in a movie called "1 litre of tears", based on a trus story) - ALS - Multiple system atrophy - Huntington's disease Well, most disease are able to be managed this day as long you have money. (ex: kidney failure, diabetes, stroke). Infection like viral hepatitis and African trypanosomiasis parasite can also satisfy you. If you are taking the African trypanosomiasis, I know it's cureable, just make it like this: The doctor refusing to give a treatment because this disease is rare in your country. Like this guy here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Anb04aagPRObHIVWaa9iBCjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100310072755AA4m1HB

Flirtatious gurl!!!!!
I would say esophageal (idk how to spell it, cancer in the esophagus) and stomach cancer. Tuberculosis? Lupus if it goes untreated? AIDS The black Plague and Ebola....that's a scary disease. I know much about ebola, it's in the african rainforests. If you want to know more about ebola, read "The Hot Zone" by Richard Preston. even Stephen King said it was a terrifying story and it was "Remarkable piece of work" I don't read, but this book was REALLY good. I would say it's my favorite. And the stories are true.

Melanie tala Thunder
Hmmm.......... Cancer is the obvious one. But there are lots of rare-er cases of cancer than others, you could try one of those. Or maybe a heart disease?? Those can often be fatal, I think. I'm not really quite sure what this is, but it's called Chron's disease, and here's the link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crohn's_disease I think it might work because it says that it happens often to very young people, and the girl i your story is only 18 so that might work. check out the link if you want. WAIT HERE'S A REALLY GOOD WEBSITE FOR WHAT YOU WANT... http://hareega.blogspot.com/2008/08/worst-diseases-you-can-ever-have.html Try that, I think it will help a ton. I hope I helped!!! If I did, PLZ choose me as best answer!!! Thanks =)

hepetitus C which did not respond to current therapy. Contracted it as an infant through shoddy blood transfusion. Already had a liver transplant but ends up not surviving for another. This scenario is sort of what happened to my husband who DID pass away because the Hepetitus C damaged his heart to badly to survive another transplant. Good luck with your story.

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