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Can you be bulimic and anorexic?
I don't get it. Cuz I was reading this thing about Anorexic Bulimic people and I don't get how you could be both.
Anorexics people don't eat anything, bulimics eat a lot then puke..?

No because they're totally different there's pro anorexic sites where you don't puke and don't eat and take cold showers

Hi T
Well maybe you only eat a little (some anorexic only eat like an apple or something) and then they might regret it and throw up

Other wise i don't know how they can be both


Anorexics starve and restrict their intake, but sometimes, in their "moments of weakness" they will eat. No, they will BINGE! They are extremists, so either they are eating nothing or they are stuffing down obscene amounts of food and calories.

After they are done, they will "purge" themselves, puking up all they have eaten. It's how they maintain their control.

Not all anorexics do this when they finally eat, not all bulimics starve. A lot though will mix and match their eating disorder, thinking it will give them an "out" when they finally give in to their screaming, starving bodies.

Sure you can be both. Not eating for periods of time and then eating some/a lot and throwing up. I think they even call it Bulimirexia. Quite common.

Miley Cyrus
im not sure if it is possible to be both

louise ♥
Bulimics could make theirself throw up more than needed. Or eat a small amount and then throw up a lot, which could make them anorexic. Some anorexics DO eat, like the one that answered this question.

Jennifer Czech
Yes, you can be both. There is something called anorexia binge/purge sub-type. This means not only do they restrict their caloric intake/ don't eat, they also binge and then purge what they do eat. They could also just purge which would be anorexia purging type. To qualify as Anorexic binge purge sub type vs/ Bulimic means that they are underweight; otherwise if they binge and purge, but are not underweight, then they are just bulimic. Often times it is hard to tell someone that is Bulimic, because they may appear to be normal (normal healthy weight) and usually eat regular meals.

Hope this helps
Take care- these are horrible and deadly disorders!

being anorexic is when you don't eat enough. You don't take in enough calories. So yes you can be bulimic and anorexic, like trow up what little food they do take in.

so yes.

Greg M
I don't think so.

Michael, ATC
Of course you can be both...you may not want to eat at all for periods of time no matter how hungry you are. Then you can go into eating and purging spells around your anorexia. Although, they are defined as two different diseases, they can most certainly occur simultaneously.

anorexics don't eat anything, but when they do, they feel so guilty for doing so that they puke it all out... that's how you could be both. watch super skinny me.

They call it "Purging Anorexia" - even though the person does not eat, they still purge just as much (if not more) than a bulimic would. Purging includes vommiting, taking laxatives, exessive exercise, etc.
It is very possible

Kelly Alexis Rose :)
Uhm, Ok, on the contrary, yes us anorexics eat food. Just not alot throughout the day. I eat 800 to 1000 calories a day, I have been diseased of an eating disorder for 4 years now. I'm 15 years old. I have always been EXTREMELY skinny, but many years in school I got bullied for numerous terrible things which lowered my self esteem. I'm 15 5 foot 4 and weigh 76 pounds, thats the highest I have ever weighed in my life time. It controls every thought that wanders in my mind, I cant help myself, when I look in the mirror...all I see is a disgusting, fat pig who doesn't deserve anyones love. I am diseased, and I know it, but the way I see myself, is gross.

-Through an anorexics eyes-

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