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 What to eat for diarrhea?
I have to take these pills for my ear infection and I've been taking them for a week now and I have diarrhea (which is a common side effect). What can I do to help lower or prevent this side ...

 So if vaccines don't cause AUTISM, why is the government awarding this family $1.5 million?
Maybe because the family had enough money to sue? Or because the family knew (mom is a nurse) to check for brain swelling ...

 which is the worse, lose your vision or the hearing?

 My Dad has yellow skin and eyes, but refuses to go to the doctor...?
He's 65 and his health seems to be failing. But he is quite stubborn and refuses to go to the doctor even for a regular check-up. I've done some research on jaundice and the liver, and I&#...

 What could be causing these itchy bites?
On Tuesday morning, I woke up with 3 small light pink bumps near my knee. They itched pretty bad and with each day that went by, the 3 small light pink bumps got a little bigger (dime-sized) and ...

 What's going on with my 21 year old?
My daughter has been tired, had allergies/cold for several months now, and doesn't sleep well. Her PMS has intensified. Now her newest symptom is itchy, dry skin. Could all these symptoms tie ...

 Pee pee! is it bad for you if you hold your urine in for a long period of time?
Is it bad for you if you hold your pee for a long period of time?...

 constant burping?
ever since yest. i have been burping constantly i mean 1 after another every second of the day. Yest i didnt think much about, but today it is also happening. what is this caused by? constant burping ...

 I had a lump in my armpit when I woke up, what is it?
I had little bumps in my armpit before but I never thought too much of them. They usually just smart for a day or so and go away. This one though is like the size of a gumball and I can't lift ...

 Why has ADD and Autism increased in people so quickly?
I just noticed lately that alot more people, than the 1950s and even the 1980s, why has ADD and Autism increased in people so quickly?...

 home remedies to pass a urine drug test?
I smoked weed last night and have a job interview tomorrow and need to pass a drug test FAST. Any suggestions?...

 I just swallowed something very poisonous.. help?
It was a rosary pea. I chewed it and swallowed it thinking it was something els but was wrong. I did this last night 9,21,07 at around 7pm. It is now 9/22/07 11:20 pm and am gettnig really nerous, ...

 somthing moving in my vein?
It's like 3 year I have an strange feeling of something wiggling
in my foot for a moment, small movements are in different spots and happen in both feet.
What the heck is this,it makes ...

 Longest recorded time urinating?
What was yours? Or a guesstimate.

Mine was around two minutes. I have the bladder of a higher being....

 define alcoholism as a desease.?

 Has anyone here ever had/have an ulcer of any kind?
And if so, what were your symptoms, and what did you have to do to in order to fix it...and can it go away? Any information would help......

 abdominal pain in the lower right side?
.*i've been having it for 2 weeks
*the pain is either there or not,as in on or off basis,if its there,from
20 minutes-1hr long
*the pain sometimes travels to the centre(belly),...

 Is their any preventive medication for arthritis?
Or what should some one who has got the early symptoms do ?...

 I have been experiencing vertigo and fatigue help?

 my pierce starting to swell and everytime it hurts, it bleed a lot, what will i do?
i read the do's and don't's of the bely pierce,and it says,never put any anti-infectant in the pierce 'coz it might make it worst. im starting to feel scared. i consult my cousin, ...

Can meth cause a "sore arm?"?
The insides of my elbows have been hurting lately. Could this be due to meth use?

Could be. You should try to get help for yourself ASAP. If you're worried about what this does to your arm, look what it's gonna do to your face...(see link)

Not to preach to you, cause i know you've probably heard it, but think about your life. I have an aunt who has in the course of a year, gone from having a house to living in a $300 RV on the street. Not a good situation...

You won't have to worry about it very long if you keep using meth. I hope you get some help before it is too late.

Dude do you know what that ****'ll do to your body your be 22 one day and wake up 80 then next go on screwing up your body inhaling is as bad as shooting up.I know because my adopted cousins mother was pregnant and using and she looked old and she was only 45 years.not only that but it did permanant damage to my cousins heart.You should really stop before you end up dead or in jail.

sure...that could be from meth..meth does just about everything...destroys your teeth, your face, your eye health, your organs including your brain, and eventually can cause paralysis or death...it's just about one of the most dangerous drugs out there. This is a good resource as well as the source link below: http://www.thebody.com/sfaf/crystal_meth.html

Magic Guy
It is really hard to say,but if you are up for days, pain can be anywhere. If the pain goes away when you use, meth is the cause. There is usually some underlying cause; if you've ever been injured there or have been in a position too long pain will develop. Even sitting on the toilet too long will cause similar "why" pains.

Meth users get progressively more stupid with each use so most anything could have happened . . . we have no way of telling.
If you have ANY brain cells left , you should quit before your brain is completely gone , unless being a nasty vegetable was your goal in life.

I don't know if it will cause a sore arm, but who cares, meth use will kill you. This is probably the most dangerous drug out there. I urge you to get help. If you are using meth you are already addicted. Please get help now.

Um, you really should quit because that **** is nasty.

Since it goes into your body and actually eats away at your bones, they're ALL likely to hurt.

yes, it could be from heavy use due to the fact that you probably haven't eaten or slept in a few days. eat, drink water and get some rest.

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