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 Lately I have been having random dizzy spells. What could be the cause?
I thought I was pregnant, but test came back negative. It started about a week ago. I would be doing something and out of no where I would feel so dizzy I thought I was going to faint. I even had to ...

 OK: People at my school are getting something called..?
Ring worms. I just found out about this today, but it freaks me completely out!!!!!!!!!! It's like some disease that humans can get from animals such as dogs, cats, hampsters,,, blehh.. ...

 why does my daughter have a lump in the middle of her stomache?
my daughter is 6 and I noticed a small lump on the middle of her ...

 Why is there blood in my poo?
So whenever I poo a lot of blood comes out. It's not like a little on the poo, but like it consumes the water in the toilet so there's more than just a few drops. And I'm having a ...

 plz tell me how bad does this look?
heyyy there...this is me in the following pics that u gonna see....it's as result of operations i did as a baby cuz i was born with cystic hygroma of the neck...tell me how bad does it look plz ...

any one out there have a clue on what drugs out the cause severe jaundice and severe liver mull functions. my dad has all was been healthy and works really hard at what he does, he has been really ...

 dizzyness and blackout when standing?
ok so here goes. once a year, While I would be standing,I would start to feel dizzy and my eye sight would fade to black and after 5 seconds go back to normal. Whats happening now is that for ...

 Weird sore throat.. HELP.?
Okay I am a hypochondriac and usually think the worst. I had a really bad headache that felt like my head was going to explode for about 3-4 days on and off, it wasn't always there. Now my ...

 I feel like a failure.?
I havent been going to school lately. i dont have a job. im only 17. but i still always feel stressed. =/...

 I was told by my mum that my brother is being flown to hospital and that he's liver is shutting down?
What does this mean? How serious is this?...

 Can someone help me figure this out? Read Below.?
My wife is experiencing Gastroparisis and secondary adrenal insufficiency. She is not responding well to the treatments for either one and her symptoms are as follows: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, ...

 I have a sore throat, how do you make it go away?
I am starting to get a sore throat and for me that means that I am on my way to getting a cold. Ugh, what is the best way to prevent it from coming?...

 I get dizzy spells, shaking, inability to focus and headaches, what is this?

 These are my syptoms.. what do you think is the diagnosis?
For the past 5 days I have had a sore throat, head ache, congestion, slight ear ache, not aware of any fever, productive cough; yellow mucus; Im guessing it might be an infection but not sure what ...

 i have a sore throat and i feel kind of out of it sometimes..?
so ya, i was really sick yesterday, stomach pains, stiff neck, sore throat sore muscles etc. now im better today except for the sopre throat and sometimes when i move my head around or move my eyes ...

 i have a stabbing pain in my stomach and im only 14 is this normal?
ive had this pain since friday morning which was the 27th is this ...

 soo i'm absolutely positive I have acute pancreatitis, but i have no health insurance...?
Tuesday night(it's now thursday) I started getting this pain right in the center of my chest below my ribs....i woke up on wednesday and the pain is pretty much everywhere....I'm also ...

 swollen throat gland?
Could someone please tell me if I should be concerned with this.... For the last month I have been feeling a little under the weather. Some days I feel fine others.. not so munch. It's mostly ...

 What's Wrong With Me? I Feel Like I'm Dieing?
So I've Had a terrible cough for about a month. At first I was really congested and it was kind of a sore throat and cough. Then it turned into just a really annoying dry cough. Now lately it ...

 Any infections that can be caused by going down on a girl?
my gf told me that she read in a womens magazine (Girlfriend / Dolly..i cnt member which it was) that a girl can get an infection if she goes down on a guy and swallows. So i'm wonderin if that&#...

Can I take my expired Prevacid?
I got an Rx for Prevacid a long time ago, I felt better so I stopped taking it (plus it was $300 a bottle). I have almost a full bottle left over here. Im really hurting and think it is time to take it again, but I have no way of going to the doc or getting another Rx. The exp says 12/08/2008, should I go for it?

Not only could the expired meds be toxic but they can cause also renal failure.

Hon, most people think the worst that happens to old and expired medication is that it looses its potency. The fact is, some medicines and drug compounds in medication change in chemistry, and could even become lethally stronger!. By that I mean, it can actually become poisonous to take these older meds. If you don't believe me, ask ANY pharmacist. It can actually be dangerous to take meds whose chemistry has changed, due to age. And, the change could be something that could only aggravate a condition more, or even cause harm. Throw them out. But, ask a druggist the proper way to do that. They're finding out that flushed meds are causing a whole other set of problems with the environment!

I would take it, the worst thing that could happen is that your heart burn doesn't get better. To prevent this from happening in the future you shouldn't stop taking when the symptoms go away but continuously take it.

Chemically, it's the same drug as before - most medicines last waaay longer than their expiration dates (and when they really do expire, they don't turn poisonous or anything, they just lose efficacy).

I would advise against taking a previously prescribed or expired medication without contacting your doctor first. There is a chance your symptoms are not due to a previous diagnosis and previous treatment may or may not be appropriate. Also, some medications can become toxic after the expiration date.

When most medicines reach their expiration date it simply means that their effectiveness will likely have decreased by that time because the chemical compounds in them break down. I don't know about Prevacid specifically but it's probably fine, just won't work as well. A good idea would be to call a Walgreens or other such drug store, ask to talk to the pharmacist and they should be able to help you. Hope you feel better!

No it could end up being worse than you're feeling now. Better see a doctor to get a new prescription.

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