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 Can you catch a cold just by being outside in the cold.?
I've always heard that just by going outside in cold weather you can catch the flu or a cold or whatever. And no, I don't mean that there are people outside. I'm asking if going ...

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 does coca cola cause cancer?
Apparently it has a lot of carcinogenic (cancer causing) ingredients in it, is this true?...

 why does one dr say i need a liver transplant and another says i don't?
one doctor says i need a liver transplant because my lab values are high, the transplant doctor say my values are high because of my kidney failure i don't need a liver transplant. now i am ...

 I know cranberries can help with a bladder infection, but how about a kidney infection?Will it help that too?
Lately I've been having a bad pain in my back where my kidneys are..it sort of goes around to the front. I have only had one UTI infection ever in my life and I don't have any symptoms of ...

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I need to know how to get rid of hiccups I have had them for 2 days now!...

 I have had the hiccups for several hours now. How do I get rid of them?

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should i go to the doctors or not?...

 Please help!!!! VERY serious!!!!!?symptoms?
Ok, what can be the problem.....

My... dad witch is... 54... has these problems where his left arm goes numb and his back hurts.... and he doesn't have a lot of air........ that ...

 how to treat bowel illness?
I've had diarrhea on and off (but mostly on) for the past month..or maybe longer. Usually it isn't that bad, but it has definitely been present. I have also, twice now had bloody stools......

 Is 150/100 Blood Pressure normal for 47 years old-I don't think so?
We are in UK and 47 years old Men had a chest pain and buzzing noise in his left ear and the blood pressure was 150/100 and that was going on for more than a year and he's been told by the GP ...

 I found a white round pill under my kids bed. It says watson 332 on one side and nothing on the other.?
Kid says it's not his. But it got me wondering. Does anybody know what it is and what it is used for? T...

 is there somthing wrong with my feet?
its weird they are ice cold but sweating
i don't know whats wrong with them
any ideas?

 Do I have a serious Illness?
I have been feeling really weird latly. I have had the feeling of throwing up in my troat but I don't, axiety attacks, It somtimes feels weird to breath, It feels like my heart is beating really ...

 i have anarexia and am only 10, i don't know how 2 get betta, i just h8 food.?
i only weigh 39lb and every1 is worried bout ...

 Why do I cut myself underpressure and thinking about the past?
My parents got divorced like when I was 3. They still don't get along. My dad's side of the family still bad mouth my mom. My stepmom continuosly bad mouths her. My dad doesn't listen ...

 I feel sleepy when i start my reading. What should I do?

 what disease do these symptoms sound like?
dizziness/light headed
impaired vision
extreme thirst
dry skin
drowsiness[i guess that is sort of fatigue]...

 My body aches and I feel very cold and fatigued, what do I have?
For the first time in my life, I'm sick without:
-A headache
-A stomachache
-Throwing up

But I just feel like a train hit me. My fingertips, head and feet feel cold. I...

Am i going to get lead poisoning?!?
Okay, well my ear started itching. So i got my lead pencil and itched it. Problem is, the lead got stuck in my ear. I didn't want to wash it out with water because i didn't know if it'll just flow down my ear canal. I tried the tweezers and i succeeded with a little piece but i think there's still a little more lead in my ear. Do you think i can get lead poisoning??

If the lead broke the skin, you should take it out and wash it thoroughly. If it hasnt broken skin, then just rinse it a little and you'll be fine. If it is red and stays red for a while, then you need to consult your doctor.

Most pencils aren't made with lead anymore. you should be fine.

There is no lead in pencils, only graphite - if it is lead go to the store and sue the idiot who sold it to you.

Does your pencil say lead? Where did you get that? No lead in pencils anymore for that reason. Its all graphite. You can relax. All graphite is is carbon.

probably not...but why did you use a pencil to scratch your ear/?

Kevin S
No you won't.you just can't keep it in your ear too long.

By the way,you can't get lead poison from lead pencils.maybe with a normal pencil

shady sunshine
pecil lead is really graphite, so no.

Donna from Texas
Pencils are made with graphite nowadays...not lead. Relax. But remember what mama said...never put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow!

victoria r

Pencils are now made from graphite. You will not get lead poisoning.

The Gamer
Pencils are made with graphite now. Not lead.

Britney =]
I don't think so. But you should ask someone to look for any more lead in your ear just in case.

me myself all ME
no pencils are made with Graphite not lead ur ok, but u could hurt ur self shoving a pencil in ur ear so don't do that any more.

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