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im sick how do i unplug my nose?
plezzz help me

put steam under ur nostrils

Blow it?

vapor rub

u can use a vapor rub like; Vick's vapor rub or White flower .

Vicks Vapor Rub

have a hot shower or bath it usally helps me.

Hollywood Prod.
Eat something with salsa in it

mix some salt with hot water till it dissolves
let it cool then snort it

Um, a tissue. For your sinuses- hot showers and spicy food.

Airwaves! Or any other strong, mint chewing gum.
Get well soon! (:

Blowing your nose is the best way to do such a thing.

eat a cough drop or put vicks on your upper lip.
use a humidifier.

Pinoy boy
circulating air actaully helps me. turn on a fan or something.

im there to help honey

mix ginnger and honey and drink it. or sprinkle lemon down your throat.

Kilroy Roboto
Decongestant nasal spray. Works wonders.

buy a warm mist humidifier, or maybe put Vicks Vaporub on your chest or around your nose before bed.

Rose E
A saline salt water rinse helps clear your nose instantly. Try searching for one at a local drug or grocery store.

Vicks Vapor Rub works for me but don't just sit there and sniff hardcore just inhale it in

drink hot tea or soups, you could also try sniffing the steam of those...and also, your doctor might prescribe you a nasal spray...

Do some jumping jacks (I'm not kidding) or other quick activity that gets your heart going a bit. Don't know why, but it loosens my plugged nose enough to clear it out a little. Feel better!

you could try squirting saline up your nose if you don't want to take drugs, but there are some medications out there to clear you sinuses.

my way is warm mint tea along with smashed uncooked ginger root,and a little sugar.sometimes with squeezed lemon grass.I am not allergic to them.

hold your nose tightly between your thumb and forefinger then blow until you feel your nose clear up.

or if you're thinking something more permanent try and anti-histamine or some cold medicine.

Steam Vaporizer

take a hot shower and breath in the steam

or Vick Vapo Rub
Just put some inside your nostrils and on your upperlip
it will open your nose

tabithanicalmanas a
as odd as it may be, i often rub vick's vapo rub right underneath my nose and around my nostrils and it helps a lot. you could also try getting a humidifier to put in your room while you sleep. I also find that sleeping on my back helps.

Go on your bed. Bend over the side of your mattress to where your head is almost touching the ground and then hold that for 10 seconds. Jump up, spin around twice. Scream really loud. Should clear it up.

I know that taking a hot shower can loosen the mucus in your sinuses up so you can blow it and able to breathe easier. I've also heard that eating really, really spicy foods can also help, but haven't personally tried that one!

Sorry you're sick :(

I Hate Miley Cyrus!
Blow your nose into a tissue. (Get a couple of tissue sheets & press your finger to one nostril & blow air out the other into the tissue. Then wipe the snot away & repeat if necessary). Then, use a nasal spray w/ saline & aloe in it; not the medicated stuff like Nasonex. Then maybe take some NyQuil or other allergy medicine w/ your parents permission. Good luck! :)

buy some nose drops-they really work
eat a cough drop-the vapor may unclog your nose
put hot steaming water in a sink and drape a towel over your head so your face is near the water-the steam from the water when breathed in helps with congestion and bad coughs
Drink some hot tea,coffee, or hot chocolate this will help your nasal passage to get vaporized.
GOOD LUCK!!!!!! fyi. try doing not 1 but like 2-3 of these should help.

During a cold, when my sinuses are very congested, I swear by Sudafed (you have to be 18 to buy it, so you may need to ask your parents to get it for you, if you're a minor). I bought it thinking it would be the usual cold med, barely work and be pissed off. My sinuses started draining and I was able to breathe. I buy the generic Sudafed (pseudophedrine) from my hospital pharmacy. 30mg is the typical dose, though I buy the high dose 60mg.

If you can't gain access to that, check your house (or go to the store) and get some cough syrup. Anything containing phenylephrine will help congestion as well (things like Robitussin will have that in it).

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