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 What would rubbing alcohol do for acne?
Would putting alcohol or hydrogen proxide help acne or irratate it?...

 Does bio oil work on depression scars?
I've had a depression scar on my forehead for years now, and I'm ready to get rid of it. Before I buy, does anyone know if bio oil will work on it, or if there is anything else I can use?...

I have these little circular rash things all over my chest. They started on my upper inner arm and today i noticed that they are all over my chest. I have been having these crippling pains in my ...

 how can i get rid of dry skin?
my skin is always dry and i don't know why?...

 does vinegar clean out your system and how long does it take to work?

 what to do for burning lips?
I had put gum on my mouth for no apparent reason and it stuck so i had to use a brush and a nail filer to get it off and now the edges of my lips are red and burning. PLZ HELP!!!!!...

 what kind of moisturizer can I use for my psoriasis?
My Psoriasis is flaky and dry all the time. I do pick at them and they sometimes bleed, and constantly stay red. I need to know what I can use that is cheap and not hard to get at stores. any kind of ...

 Red puffy chapped lips ? ASAP Do not want to go to school like this.?
I think it might be something in this new chap stick i tride for a night b/c i sleep with my mouth open lol. But how i do i get rid of? I am going to look like a dork going to school monday. I mean ...

 Is This A Rash!?!?!??!?!?!!?
im tanned..and all my body is the same but this part on my elbow welll not my elbow but the top part of it its all white like a rash or something should i put location on it?...

 how much will it cost to have a small fatty tumor removed?

 Can you use the stuff to freeze away warts to remove moles too?

 How do you cure hipcups?

 How can i Achieve flawless skin.?
Ok so i am a 15 and my skin has different shades of skin on my face (manily my face) I would like to know how to get glowing flawless skin. Is there a method that doesnt require alot of money?...

 How Can I Hide My Big Toes?
Well It Runs In The Family My familr Has Big Toes And I Dont Like My Big Toes Does Anyone Know How To Hide Them Or Make Them Shrink ? I Dont Like How They Look When Im With Heels Or Sandals Please No ...

 Hot Tea spill : what should i do not to get scars from burns ?
I got burnt today T_T
my knee is all red
and thers a small rectangle area 1cm X 3 cm..where skin got shed off.. like melted dunno…it’s whiter and hurts !! but not deep ( 1 layer of skin ...

 Help... what in the world is this?
have what I think to be a boil under my arm. It is not red or anything. It has been there for like three days it is about the size of a large lemon head. it is hard to the touch, but not hard as a ...

 People that suffer from Rosacea, what works for you?
I've just been diagnosed with mild/moderate Rosacea. I don't break out or have the acne type but my face is constantly red like a sunburn/flushing & I hate it. I was given Metrogel (...

 HOME REMEDIES to reduce the redness of acne?
I've already tried:
baking soda and water
hot salt water
mask with benzol peroxide
mask with salicylic acid
rubbing alcohol

each 1 ...

 How come every time i use germ x my hands get red and then burn like crazy?
if its an allergic reaction can anybody tell whatingredient it might be? :[...

 Why do people say "you should get that mole checked"?

Lean on Me☮
Why am I getting so many cold sores?
Usually, I only get one or two a year. But this year, I've had at least eight that I can remember right now... I currently have two and one is on my nose (I usually get them on my lips)!! Why has the virus become so active? Is it something that I'm doing wrong? What can I do to stop the outbreaks?

They're painful and embarrasing...

Hey I am in the same boat as you are. I never had them and all of a sudden I got them all the time. And that guy that just posted herpes its ture cause I cold sore is a herp. Its just there are differnet kinds of herpes and what you and me have its nothing. I talked to my doctor and he said it would be the weather or something I am started to eat. So he gave me some pills and I took them only for ten days and they worked great that were cheap to. So now if I get a cold sore it kills it within like 2 days which is great cause I use to have one for like weeks so ask the doctor
<3 Brittany

Pearll Rain
Try using The Canker Spanker, it's a remedy for quickly healing cold sores, that works! It's also preventative, I love it. Anyway, you can find it online.

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