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 sick little brother!!?
my litlle brother has had a really big temperature and has a chesty cough his temperatures have been really high for a week any clues to what this might ...

 Is promethazine used for pain or as a sedative?
Is promethazine an okay drug for treating serious pain or is it more of a sedative? If for pain, at what dosage? All the info I find online is very vague. I woul appreciate it if someone in the ...

 please tell me any capsule for headache in india?
please ...

 How can something be so good?
How can something like taking hydrocodone be so good that someone can't give it up? I mean to the point where they can't think about anything else?...

 can a chiropractor crack your sacrum?

 What is the name of the go to sleep medication ?
Recently, I went in for surgery on my shoulder and right befoore they put me under the knife, I was given sleeping medication through IV and I had no recollection of ever being in surgery. I am ...

 What kind of withdrawal symptons could one expect to have when they stop taking Vicodin?
I have been on and off Vicodin for months now due to cervical spine surgery. My pain is in control now and I don't feel that I need the Vicodin anymore. It has become a daily routine though and I...

 dvt-could i have dvt or a bloodclot and not no it ?
I am a 36 yr old smoker,always on the go,i play hard,exersizing,bicickling,power walking,untill knee pain that shoots up and down my left leg,brings me to a halt {for a few days}I often go to bed ...

 I am flying on an airplane with a bad ear infection. Can you tell me how to ease the pain?

 I have tendonitis in both arms, but is it normal for both arms to flare up in pain at the same time?
I have tendonitis in both forearms. Of course it acts up if I've been typing all day. But is it normal for both arms to act up at the same time? Once ina while it's my left more than my ...

 Was the muscle relaxer Soma named after Aldous Huxleys utopian drug from Brave New World?
Who at pharmaceutical companies comes up with the names for drugs? Why was Soma Compound named such? Did the namer of this drug know that muscle relaxants are something people use to get high off of ...

 Found a blue pill "Watson 780" read on here is was hydrocodone but was told otherwise?
i have a couple light blue pills with watson 780 on it and the answers on here said it was possibly hydrocodone and others say its for ulcers... Anyone really know? thanks for answering, but somone ...

 what is asprin made of and how dose it work on the human body as a pain relv.and a fever redeouser?

 I just yawned and something felt really sore under my chin?
I felt like a pain in the inside. The pain went away right away thought since I only felt it for a couple of seconds. Any of you have an idea on whether this is normal PS, I felt this pain before ...

 my head hurt and my eyes are burnin?
im at work right now: the pain in my head hurts alot and my eyes are burning. my stomac dont go to well.... what should i do!!!!...

 bronchodilation is what?
medical ...

 I just had my tonsils taken out, is it OK to gargle with Listerine?

 i have a pain on my lower left leg on the outside, what could it be?

 my neck hurts around my chin but its not a pain its kinda like a muscle feeling what is this?
im 14, female anyone anything? id appreiciate it!! i was watching tv when it started hurting, was it the way i was sleeping? did i kinda pull something? its kinda bothering me! i get kinda anxious ...

 Rheumatory Arthritis in knees of 16yr old?
My stepdaughter has rheumatory arthritis in her knees(from what we are told)she lives with her mother and the last time she had cortisone shots in her knees & after that we heard nothing about it-...

Fabricio A
I need to know what kind of pill this is...?
I have 2 different kinds of pills , one is blue, oval, and says G3721. The other one is a very light orange color, has a symbol in the back that i can't describe what it is... it has the same shape as the "red ribbon symbol" and the minus sign on its side ( - ). Does anyone know what it is? I remember asking a friend if he had some sleeping pills and ha gave me a bunch of different ones, he kind of told me what they are but now I have no clue... Thanks

Take them to your local pharmacy, the pharacist can tell you immediately without a problem,otherwise it's just guessing.

the blue oval sounds like a xanax, i have no idea what the other one could be you could call your local pharmacy and ask them what they are.

I think you can call poison control and theyll tell you.

The blue one is an Alprazolam tablet. It's an anti-axiety medication marketed as Xanax. Xanax also has other pills that have a fancy X marking on them that kinda looks like the ribbon symbol, that one may also be Xanax in a different strength.

The blue tablet with G3721 on it sounds like Xanax. Xanax is used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety caused by depression. And i haven't a clue about the second one.

Rum Runner
dunno about the blue oval, the light orange one sounds like ecstacy though.

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