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Demons attack me in my sleep....?
I really need your advice. I am a normal african american teenager living in Chicago and 18 about to graduate next month, on A-B honor roll, perfect attendance and all that good stuff but at night and mostly in the morning demons attack me....as im guessing thats what it is. When i lay down to go to sleep, once i get really tired, i start to feel pressure against my body and i cant move at all. I mean i really cant move! At times i hear ringing in my ear. Someone told me its the devil sitting on me. Its like something holding me down and i cant move at all, i struggle and i cant even scream. Even once i heard faint screaming in my ear. I told my sister and she said that i should say "in the name of jesus" in my head over and over and it sorta worked. When im being held down it usually last from like 5 to 8 seconds. Please help me out with this, whats going on. Should i get help?

I agree with (dhups) who wrote that you have sleep paralysis and it will do you no harm. It's medical not spiritual. Talking to a professional like your doctor may be helpful.

It's just your body falling asleep before your mind does.

It might be when your soul is trying to leave your body, not for death, though. I forget what it is called, astro something, astro travel, I can't remember. It's pretty normal according to many. I have heard that you can ask god to let your departure & reentry to be quick and easy. For a more scientific answer, you could be caught between sleep and awake. Sometimes people can be tecnically askeep (ie, not able to move or talk) but aware of your suroundings.

Il Divo Fan
You should say "IN THE NAME OF JESUS, LEAVEME ALONE AND LEAVE MY HOME" OUT LOUD. Demons can hear, and presence also hear

You should check out the house, is it an old house, did it have previous owners, did someone die there, that sort of thing. Have you considered asking a pastor or priest to come and bless the house?
Best of luck, remember, say it out loud...

please read about the armor of God in the bible.. if you are a believer then you have these "weapons" at your disposal. and please pray You should get help. Spiritual help from a trusted pastor

well see i have the aame problem sometimes i do the same thing your sister says but i say it out loud and say in the name of jesu you shall leave you have no athourity and it goes away

honey, I think you have far too much stress in your life. But, some of the symptoms you've described could have another true medical origin.
See your family doctor first (yes, they have heard it all) and, if needed, see a shrink.

I believe you, your sister has given you good advise. one other thing that you should do is pray before you lay down. ask God to give you a restful night filled with his protection and ask it all in the name of Jesus.

Peter in La Jolla San Diego CA
Is this a Nigerian 411 scam??

you have sleep paralysis also known as old hag.

its quite common... look it up on yahoooooo

dont woorry so much about it ive had episodes for last 15 years and although its quite scary it wont do you any harm.

The experience is so frightening because the victims, although paralyzed, seem to have full use of their senses. In fact, it is often accompanied by strange smells, the sound of approaching footsteps, apparitions of weird shadows or glowing eyes, and the oppressive weight on the chest, making breathing difficult if not impossible. All of the body's senses are telling the victims that something real and unusual is happening to them. The spell is broken and the victims recover often on the point of losing consciousness. Fully awake and well, they sit up, completely baffled by what just happened to them since now the room is entirely normal.

Confronted with such a bizarre and irrational experience, it's no wonder that many victims fear that they have been attacked in their beds by some malevolent spirit, demon or, perhaps, an alien visitor.

The phenomenon occurs to both men and women of various ages and seems to happen to about 15 percent of the population at least once in a lifetime. It can occur while the victim is sleeping during the day or night, and it is a worldwide phenomenon that has been documented since ancient times.

"Episodes of paralysis can occur when the body is in any position, but happen most frequently when the sleeper is lying flat on his or her back. Intense fear is common, but sometimes other strong emotions, such as sadness or anger, are present," says Florence Cardinal in "The Terror of Sleep Paralysis."
For some, SP is often brought about by not getting enough sleep or being overtired.
Likewise, disrupted sleep schedules or circadian rhythm disturbances can produce an episode of sleep paralysis.
It is more common in people who suffer from severe anxiety or bipolar disorder.
Some research shows that SP is five times more likely to occur with people who are taking such anti-anxiety drugs as Xamax or Valium.
A study found that 35 percent of subjects with isolated sleep paralysis also report a history of wake panic attacks unrelated to the experience of paralysis.
How can you prevent sleep paralysis? According to clinical research, you may be able to minimize the episodes by following good sleep hygiene:

get enough sleep
reduce stress
exercise regularly (but not too close to bedtime)
keep a regular sleep schedule

You aren't alone, honey- I started getting similar things at around 18yrs old. (I am very aware, amparalyzed and cannot speak at all)

We aren't alone, either. There are many informative websites on sleep paralysis and night terrors.

There is research being done at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. See website below. Also, some info on wikipedia.

Scientists may attribute it to neurological issues.
Spiritual ppl may attribute it to spiritual/demonic attacks.
For me, I speak as a Christian who has experienced many similar episodes: I believe that there is a combination of both science/spirit involved... I have also found relief in praying to Jesus during the attacks. The attacks are much less frequent now

-You may want to talk to a pastor or somebody that you trust to pray for you.
-You may also want to keep a sleep-log and see if certain foods, situations, etc may be related to these events. -During the attacks, try to relax and take deep breaths 'fighting it' can sometimes make it last longer. Try not to be afraid of falling asleep.
-You may also want to mention it to your physician.

Good luck and sweet dreams!


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