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 Why can't I get to sleep?
It's 2am rite now and i've been in bed since 9 since i wasn't feeling good. But I haven't gotten a wink of sleep. Why is this happening? Any solutions besides sleep aides. I tried ...

 if there was a magic pill, to make you stop smoking would you take it?
only answer this question if your a true ...

 Can Cracking Your Knuckles Really Give You Arthritis?
I love to crack my knuckles =]...

 If you have a terminal illness should you be able to kill youself?
Say you have a terminal Illness that you know will cause you pain and anguish should you have the right to kill yourself, (but only if you have a terminal illness.) Do others have the right to tell ...

 ambulance call .... why should I pay?
i was at a hotel and was sleeping. (im a very heavy sleeper)
housekeepers came in and I didnt wake up, so they thought something was wrong with me, so they called ambulance. But before they came,...

 what happens if you swallow the ball to your tongue ring?
i just swallowed the ball and i wanted to know if anything would go wrong.. please help me out.....

 Paralyzed In My Sleep ?
Okay so sometimes i am awoken, my body is not though. I could hear or maybe not, sometimes i could only think and i always panic never calm when I am in that phase. So Im in my mind trying to wake up,...

 Is it possible to pleasure yourself too often?
I do it around 3-5 times a day....

 Swimmers Ear?
Does anyone know if like rite aid or like walgreens have over the counter swimmers ear medications or do i have to go to a specialist and get a prescription?...

 Should I bust a blister?
If you got a blister on your arm and finger should you bust it and if I don't bust it will it heal on its own and will the skin and fingerprints grow back the same?...

 Can you really die from drinking too much water fast?
In the news a kid died from drinking water too fast. He was in football practice and it was like 100 degrees and he drank a gallon of water when he got home he was exhausted and he drank another ...

 My eye hurts when I blink, what is happening?
It is only when I blink, not looking around. It is only my right eye as well. There is no loss of vision as well. This is the second day it has happened....

 Do you support Obama's Health Care Plan?

 i have no fingers, how did i type this question?

 How long is a viral sore throat contagious?
My boyfriend started having a sore throat on Friday. As the weekend went on, the pain got worse an he also ran a fever of 101.3. He went to the doctor today (Monday) and was told that it was not ...

 why is it bad to sleep under a tree?

 i have trouble going to sleep...?
and i need a way so i can fall asleep faster,rather than lying in bed for hours, so i can get at least 9 hours of sleep.
does any one know what i can do to fall asleep without taking any pills???...

 Help Quit Smoking?
would like some tips or some sites to help stop smoking, not me, but for my girlfriend, any help would be appreciated, in 2 days i will make whoever gives the most valid tips or sites a best answer :)...

 if i slept for two hours during the day, does that mean i can sleep two hours later than i usually do?
i usually sleep at 12 and wake up at 6 for school. if i slept for two hours (from 4:00 pm to 6) does that mean i can sleep later and be okay?...

 What's the longest you've gone without taking an actual bath or shower?
Why did you wait that long???? Did you get sick? A kid asked me this question and I wondered what most people have for an answer....

Can you inhale a cigarillo?
I got two from a friend, I prefer cigarettes but that's what I got. I know that you're not supposed to inhale cigars, but I've been told they have the same amount of nicotine in them as cigarettes.

So can I inhale them or would it do me no good?

Sami B
you could die

just kidding

smoke a black and mile they are better

Yea you can but you probably won't want to do it again.

Well, i smoked a "Phillie" cigarillo earlier today and inhaled some if it...it gets kinda harsh. But, if you have a severe nicotine craving, then by all means, do what you have to do

If you smoke tobacco often, you wont get sick or anything from it

Hhmmm I've had bad experiences with inhaling cigars and I don't think cigarillos are so different. You're body is gonna tell you if it's not good. And most likely it will, First cigar I inhaled I was pale in the face throwin up and shaking. Terrible feeling.

Molisa (Aspiring Model)
yes i can but if u try iy youll be couging a storm dont inhale

Luv2no is in the house
considering people roll weed in them and inhale it I don't see what it would hurt. It's really depends what your smoking in it.

yea, if you want to... cigarillos r the only thing i've ever smoked lol but only occasionally

Lexie J
jn it's Black and Mild not Black and mile....

i didnt know people smoke them... i thought they were fakes, just for gutting and rolling a blunt....

A Mac Named Tasha
like a swisher sweet? ewww. those are only good for smoking weed.
and if you cannot go get regular cigarettes yourself, im assuming youre too young to buy them so dont smoke em in the first place homie.

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