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what is it called when you can't see things close and when you can't see things far?

Heather Holland
Myopia - Near Sighted (You cant see far away)
Hyperopia - Far Sighted (You cant see things close up)

pun a
Myopia its an refractive error, which results from a disorder. A refractive error means that the shape of your eye does not bend light correctly, resulting in a blurred image. eyeglasses or contact lens helps in correction

If you are asking about one refractive condition that can cause blur at both near and far - I would suggest that it is hyperopia, aka farsightedness. With a moderate or greater amount of hyperopia the person will have poor near vision and ALSO will have to use EXTRA focusing power to try to focus even at long distances.

In general, the person with normal so called 20/20 vision, will have the focusing muscles of the eye in a relaxed state when view something at 20 feet and beyond. Many people don't understand that hyperopia will cause the person to bring into play their "close up focusing power" to see at these distances of 20 feet and beyond. This may work for a person who is young but as we age that becomes very difficult and causes much eyestrain and blurry vision. Glasses and contacts can give this person normal vision at near and far even with hyperopia.

blind? lol...

sometimes people who can't see things far also need reading glasses because they can't focus properly on things that are close.

Optom. Shubho M
It seems that you are talking of a moderate to high degree of Hypermetropia, wherein the objects in the distance as well as in near are difficult to focus because of the deficit in eye power from the normal of 58-60 diopters.

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