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 Upper Eyelid...lid will not open in one eye?
I had a serious "pink eye" infection. After drops from Dr. It was gone. Now I am having severe dry eyes, somewhat painful...feels like sand is in eyes till liquid Tears. Now..My left upper ...

 foggy eyes?
I just woke up after a night of wearing my contacts to bed and now I'm seeing this through this type of fog. I took out my contacts but it hasn't gone away! I'm freaking out right now. ...

 Why does my left contact keep tearing up?
Ok so I wore my contacts for a few days after I first got them and when I tried to put them on the next morning, a little bit of the edge was missing, so I stopped wearing it.
But this has ...

 how do you treat pink eye and how long does it take?
i've have pink eye in both eyes for 5 days. i started taking eye drops 3 days ago and i think it made my eyes worse. red lines are crawling up from the corners of my eyes and i am still getting ...

 At what age does a lazy eye or strabismus stop getting worst? Should I be worried?
I'm 16 and I have a lazy left eye that crosses inward. I went cross eyed soon after birth and my eyes were severely crossed until my first surgery at age 8. Patching wasn't possible because ...

 near sight?
Is near sightness caused by eating too much sugar?...

 My 9 yo son keeps getting eye styes?? Any ideas why or how to prevent?
He has had atleast four in the last year..The one he has now came on fast and furious..The doc in the past has given us eye drops and an ointment for them..They sometimes work, sometimes not. We do ...

 How is eye color determined?
My mom and dad both have brown eyes, one of my brothers has brown eyes, and me and my other brother have green eyes. How did this happen? No one else even in our extended family has green eyes. <...

 CRT Contacts?
I currently have a cold and using the CRT contact lens causes discomfort. How long is it ok to go without the use of the contacts? Its been close to a week for me without the use of the contact ...

 Did you ever go back on regular YA and still think you were talking to your contacts?

 i put on my new contacts and it hurts my eye instantly reddened!?
it's only 2 days old... i clean them over n over again b4 putting it on but when it finally sticks it stings my eye for like 10 seconds b4 becoming fine.... why?...

 How to get perscription colored contacts?
I allready have contacts. They're Bausch & Lomb Toric Lenses. I want colored contacts. Is it possible to keep my perscription i have now and get colored contacts? And if so.. how??...

 Why do my eyes start hurting whenever I have my contacts on for a couple of hours?
Almost everyday, one of my eyes get bloodshot and my eye starts burning a lot. It stays bloodshot for a day or two. My mom wont take me to the eye doctor because she dont want to pay too much because ...

 How to put eye contacts on?
I'm so frustrated:/ I've been here for almost an hour just trying to put one contact on. When I put it in, it has air bubbles and then starts folding then falls out. I've tried turning ...

 HELP! Im colorblind!?
Is there anything I can do to improve my vision partially like glasses/contacts or surgery? I know theres no cure 'cause it's genetic but i want to double check for the partial cure....

 How can you make your eyes red?
Need to do this for acting....

 blurry, haloed pain in eye?
some rust off a can flew into my eye while shaking it, since then i have had severe to low pain, in my eye. but the dimming, and what looks like rainbows encircling lights has me the most worried. ...

 Questions about eyes?
Ok im near sighted.
1.Is their any way i can make my eyes not get any more worse?(it has change .5diopers(i think its the spelling) in half a month) or get any better(without surgery)
2.I ...

 eye twitching?
My eye has contiuned to twitch for the past 2 weeks, anything i can do to make it stop or wait it out?...

 How can i get rid of my phobeia, i'm afraid of loud noises?
If i go out into a lardge area or even outside my door and things are noisy i run ...

what do they mean when u have a star on your eye, and are there pictures for this?

Amber K
If you mean stye try these links:


Do you mean a stye?
It's a bump at the base of your eyelid where the lid meets the lash. It's usually swollen and red and looks kind of like a pimple. They're caused by bacteria from the skin that gets into the hair follicle. You can treat them at home by applying a warm compress and keeping the area clean but sometimes it may need to be treated by a physician.

it means you are star struck

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