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 Anyone been dependent on eye drops like Visine?
I got in the habit of using Visine and I am concerned about the effect they may have had on my eyes. Anyone know what I am talking about?...

 Can a implant lens be taken out of the eye?

 Does anyone know a sight where i can test to see weather I'm colour blind??
you know you can get those web sites that have optical illusions on them. does anyone know a sight which has optical illusions and colour blind optical illusions.. i think thats what you call it???...

 Do you think I got the right color contacts?
Ok this is the color contacts I got http://www.lensesbymail.
but my skin tone is like Kyla Pratt's Or Orlando Brown'...

 eye brightener for teenagers or eye tiredness removal anyone know?
where can i get some that works??...

 red eye!!! help?
my eye is all red!!! it has been red for 2 days, i haven't worn my contacts so i know it has nothing to do with them. it does not burn or itch i will love to find out any suggestions....

 I have glasses for my eyes but don't wear them anymore?Read details?
I know it's bad but after 4 months the glasses started hurting my eyes. And I couldn't see any better then before. Plus the eye doctor told me to wear them all the time; I was diagnosed ...

 eye question?
i have been to the eye doc and theres nothing he can see but does anyone get the odd coloured patch or spot at the side of their vision?? it doesnt bother me cos can see perfectly just annoying ...

 What is the best eye moisturizure?

 keratoconus / cornea transplant and working with acid's?
occupational health have been to see me today and they are not happy about me going to work back in the lab even though the consultant has said ok. i would be working with neat nitric acid, ...

 Why do I always get that white stuff in the corner of my eye?
I know everyone gets it, but it seems like I am constantly wiping it out of my eyes!...

 Does anyone know anything about computers for those that are legally blind?
My mother is legally blind and would like a computer, but I have no idea what her options are....

 Anyone tried Eye Q? The reading program?
I was wondering if it actually works. So that I might consider buying it. Thanks!...

 *********************CaN i GeT bLiNd*********************?
i have got a spot IN my eye. not on my eyelid but IN my eye.
the spot is in the right eye which is also quite red.
i am 14 years old.

could it be because i wear mascara and ...

 dialated eyes....?
ok so my eye doctor put these drops in my eyes that dialated my eyes and now everything is blurry....also he gave me a perscription for new glasses which i got same day and i dont see a difference ...

 When i was a baby, i had perfect eyes but now that im a little older i have a lazy eye???
what could b the reason for this, orrr what causes lazy eyes??...

 alternative to Contacts?
im 16, and been using contacts and glasses for 2 years. i dont like contacts anymore becouse of the constant cleaning. everyday i clean them. and once i turn 18 i will do the laser surgery on my eyes....

 How blind is blind?
I use contacts that are -3.5 on both sides! Glasses, I don't know, I'm pretty sure a little higher since contacts lay right on your eye. Is that blind? Am I nearsighted or farsighted?...

 Continuing contact lens use after healing from corneal ulcer?
My eyes caught an infection and as an aftermath my right eye has a very very mild ulcer on the top part of my iris.It happened a few months ago. Now, i am planning to cosplay, and as you now most ...

 How much are glasses at walmart?
I have a busted blood vessel in my eye & a hordeolum on top of that and I think my contacts might be the source of both these things. I need a pair of glasses to let my eyes breathe but I only ...

on glasses, what is the piece called that goes behind your ear?
on glasses, what is the piece called that goes behind your ear?

Lori L O^O
The whole piece is the temple or temples for the pair. The pat of the temple that actually goes over the ear might have various sundry names, but usually itis called a temple, becasue this is the part of the glasses that goes next to your temple. How about that? O^O

david c

Modern glasses are typically supported by pads on the bridge of the nose and by temples placed over the ears. Historical types include the pince-nez, monocle, and lorgnette.

The temple is the part of the glasses which attaches from the frame front and goes across your "temples" and down over your ears. The portion of the temple that goes behind your ear can be referred to as temple bend, ear piece and temple tip. :)

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