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 What could cause gradual, incurable blindness?

 How long does "Pink Eye" usually lasts up to?
This morning I woke up with my left eyelid all stuck together with crusty sleepers...and I later went to the doctor today to see if I have conjunctivitis-I do. They prescribed me some eye-drops that I...

 How can I fix my eyelid problem?
Whenever I smile, the bottom of my eyes(the bottom eyelid i guess) is uneven.
It never used to be like this. What can I do to fix it?
Is it my eyelid or could it be my eye?


 could i need glasses? friend's prescription is really clear?
well i haven't really been seeing huge problems with my vision, just sometimes it goes blurry. my friend got glasses, pretty sure she said the prescription was -0.75, and i asked to see hers and ...

 Should i be wearing eye protection?
I bought a 10mw green laser from Amazon(cheapest site in the world) and they made the mistake of sending me a 30mw laser. You can point at people from reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllly far away. You can ...

 If a person has contract surgery on one eye, can person still see if he wear glasses to begin with.?
person is nearsighted in both eyes....

 Trivex Eyeglass Lenses: What Are they Made Of?
What are they made from?...

 Is there any device for Blind people that can help them see?
My friend was in a devastating accident that left her paralyzed and blind. One of her eyes was completely removed and replaced with a glass eye, her other eye remained intact but the optic nerve ...

 Poked my eye..................?
Ok so yesterday I poked my eye with my finger. It's still bloodshot and sometimes a bit watery. It's not uncomfortable, painful or my vision hasn't been affected. Is this normal, when ...

 If you wear glasses can you wear cosmetic contact lenses?
im short sighted and wear glasses, but i would love to be able to wear cosmetic ones underneath for special occasions etc.
would it be safe to wear them without damaging my eyesight... further? =...

 Do I need high index for my prescription?
I have a sphere of -3.75 for DV and RE and a sphere of -4.00 of DV and LE. The doctor has put lines across cylinder and axis and both the VA are 6/6.

The IPD has 68 MM and at the end the ...

 FOR: Contact lense wearers: Last night accidently, I slept with my contacts in, is this really bad ?
I slept with my contact lenses in accidently is this a serious problem or not? -have taken them out now and my eyes are fine -(just feel as if I have a headache)...

 Why can't I see properly?
I've been having this strange problem for the last month. My eyes don't seem to be able to focus. I don't know how to explain it much more than that. Just that when I look at something ...

 I have trouble taking out daily disposible contacts, used a lens plunger but it got stuck to my eye!?!?!?
I spend about an hour trying to take out my contacts because when i pinch, they won't come out! I used to wear hard lenses (orthok lenses) which came with a lens plunger so i tried using the ...

 What eye drops cure trachoma?
I bought a eyedrop that contains 0.2% hypromellose, 0.05% tetrahydrozoline HCI, 0.25% zince sulfate. Would it cure my trachoma?
What brand do you recommend me?...

 How much is an eye exam at Walmart without insurance?
I need contact lenses fast, but my insurance hasn't been renewed yet. How much is an eye exam at their vision center so I can find out which ones to get?...

 Why does one of my eyes look like it has a contact lens on it?
I wear contacts, and have an astigmatism on my right eye. However, even when I take my contacts out, it looks like I am still wearing one, and feels like I am still wearing one on my right eye. It ...

 What color are my eyes?
They look green but really close to my pupil there is a really thin brown circle. So I'm unsure if they are Hazel or Green. They also sometimes look blue. Please give me good answers because I ...

 Do my new glasses look good?
I lost my other glasses two days ago in a crazy storm and decided to buy new ones with a thicker frame.

Sorry for the tired unenthusiastic ...

 If someone looses an eye, and all that is left is the eye socket, can they still cry?

how do eye doctors measure your eyes for contacts?
i've never been to the eye doctor in my life and now i'm wondering, i know i'll need glasses or contacts soon so how do they measure your eyes? and is there a way i can figure it out before i go to the doctor?

They have have a machine with a lens for every level of eyesight imaginable from perfect to almost blind. They then put it on you and ask you which one is the clearest. Which ever one is the clearest is the level your eyesight is and they get you a contact lens with that same level. Same way they prescribe glasses.

Usually, i sit on a chair and she asks me to read some numbers/letters of different fonts and whether i see them or not, she changes the measures until i can see.
Or, i sit on a chair and i fix my chin so that i can look into a machine that has an image. She tells me not to close my eyes and focus on the image and tell her when the blur's gone.

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