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 Why can't our vision improve?
Our human body is made so that we can heal ourselves if we get hurt. such as a broken arm or something.
But why do people say our vision cant improve??...

 is it true that if you get extremely mad do you can actually see red in your vision?

 Vision a tad blurry after staring a phone screen?
I was playing Angry Birds on my phone for about an hour and a half straight.
After I was done I noticed my vision was kind of blurred. I can still read and see fine its just annoying and makes ...

 What do I do with my eye perscription after I move out?
So I turn 18 in about a week and am moving out in the next month. Well I have contact lens and also glasses but my mom pays for that. So what do I do so it's in my name?...

 My Mother's nursing home in Pennsylvania has older people with glasses from the 1980's, or lenses scratched?
so badly the lenses look cloudy. Does the nursing home have an obligation to look after their visual health? Bad eyes can lead to Alzheimers and uncorrected vision in Alzheimers can lead to hysteria. ...

 Help! Am I going blind!?
could see detail well and see far and all, but it seems like my eyes won't focus. I could focus on one particular thing, but when I don't everything seems like if I'm seeing it out of ...

 Can you get prescribed colored contact lenses or are all of the prescribed ones clear?

 sleep question help!?
help when I sleep with my head flat it turns a bright red but when I sleep with my head elevated it's ...

 what are some pros and cons of wearing contacts?
if u give me some accurate instruction on how to put it in that would ...

 May i get high of a sharpie?
Is it good? would you recomend it? is it illegal? Should it be? and can i do it?...

 Are non FDA-approved contacts unsafe?
I want colored contacts, but the only ones I can afford are non-FDA approved. I'm a 14 year old girl, and my parents think contacts will ruin my eyes. Whatever!

But anyways, are non-FD...

 Any significant difference between 8.4 & 8.6 base curve on eyes?
SO I want these super cool colored contacts for Halloween and they only come in base size of 8.6...and my prescription is 8.4. Would it be ok to go ahead and get?? Anyone ever tried this out please ...

 Contact lens care ? please read !?
I am getting contact lenses soon :) i was wonder what kind of care they need and what i should know before i get them ?
Also what are the diffrent kinds like i have heard of ones you get each ...

 How do i know my perscription for glasses with only the info on a contact box?
I am almost out of contacts, and now that I have no insurance I'm going to have to switch back to glasses, I will be ordering a pair online, which i know will not produce the best quality but ...

 my left eye is red what shuld i do ?
it don't hurt very much bot it is red....

 How do I make the whites of my eyes bright again?
First off I do not have jaundice or kidney problems.

The whites of my eyes are naturally white and bright. Just recently they've started getting dull and yellowish. They also feel ...

 my eye problem to be solved?
help me with this please recently when i had a eye checkup i found that i have -1.75power in left eye and -0.75 power in right eye is it too much can it be reduced to normal please help me to reduce ...

 Seeing flashes of light sometimes when blinking?
I had an eye exam but after looking at my eye with some sort of machine she said everything looked normal. They seem to appear mostly when it's bright outside or in the house. I don't have ...

 Got poked in the eye awhile ago and now my eye doesn't open as far?
So about 3 years ago a kid poked me in the eye when trying to punch me. It was swollen at first. Now it's been a few years and my eyelid won't open as far as the other. Is it to late to do ...

 Why when I take my contacts out my eyes are red?
I went a few days without wearing my contacts, then i had wore them one day. That day when I took them out, I noticed my eyes were red. They weren't completely red but they looked as if i popped ...

entering in prescription data for classes online?
I have found when ordering grasses online they are limited to .25 increments. However, my last prescription does not round out to their numbering system. So I decided to look at my prescription progression.

Old Previous prescription 11.20.07
R SPH -1.50 CYL -0.25 AXIS 156
L SPH -1.00 CYL -0.50 AXIS 116

New prescription

Sph Cyl Axis

OD(right eye): -1.50 -0.50 150

OS(left eye): -0.87 -0.80 110

my best guess prescription

Sph Cyl Axis

OD(right eye): -1.50 -0.50 150

OS(left eye): -.75 -0.75 110


(*any input would be welcome*)

Iori in Danger
That's a good question. I assume that you will round to the nearest .25 increment, like you've done.

Keep in mind that (in the USA) the online glasses store will have to call your optometrist to verify the prescription, so you are not going to get the wrong strength, at least... you shouldn't.

If you don't want to guess, call or email customer service at the onlien store to ask them. It might even be addressed in their FAQ, if they have a FAQ on their site. You could also call your optometrist office and ask them.

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