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 can i be blind if i wear eyeglasses?

 How do you put contacts on/take them off of your left eye if you are right handed?
Optometrist never told me how...
And i forgot to ask.

Please tell me! THank you!...

 What's this stringy goop in my eyes?
About two years ago, i had the worst spring allergies evvvvvverr. Ever since then, I've had these long stringy..GOOBER things. I don't know a technical term for it, and no one knows what I&#...

After you get glasses, around how long do should you wait when you get contanct if you can't see good far away?...

 How can I change my eye color with out wearing contacts?

 I *** in my eye?????????????????????
It was an accident... It happend about 3 days ago... I washed it out as soon as it happend. But now my vision is blurry. any ...

 blurred vision in right eye?
i woke up this morning and went to put my contacts in (which were a new pair) and as soon as i put the right one in, it felt like it was burning and hurt really badly. i took it out, but my vision in ...

 What color are my eyes?
Are they amber, hazel, or light brown? help me decide! Also note, my eyes look brown when you stand far away, but this is a close up flash picture of them. thank you! here is the link to my picture:<...

 Why do people who wear glasses look above or below the lense?
when looking at something or reading something?
Isn't that what they're for?...

 What happens if I don't wear my glasses?
I have astigmatism -0.75 on both eyes and i have to wear glasses.I only wear them at home, so I stay eight hours without them,when I go to school....

 is it very usual to became myopic by 16 and do you have to wear glasses forever?

 the cable just hurt my eye and caused a red spot in my eye what i should do?
the cable just hurt my eye and i did not feel any pain seriously but after a while a boold red spot appeared in my ...

 What does 20/40 vision mean?
I have 20/40 vision in both eyes. What does the 20 and what does the 40 mean? Sources?...

 20/40 vision. Should I get glasses/contacts?
I'm asking if 20/40 vision is THAT bad and is it that bad that I can't function?

P.S. im 13 and always had 20/20 vision. The eye doctor said it's because I'm hitting ...

ok wen i was little, my eye shifted inward then, eventually began shifting outward..and now i have a lazy eye. and i get made fun of at school alot.it really bothers me and makes my self esteem lower ...

 My eye doctor told me you shouldnt wear your glasses 24/7?!?
I got glasses two weeks ago and he told me its better to just wear the glasses when i need to, no need to wear them 24/7 because it can give you a headache and its kinda bad for your vision, is this ...

 4 year old son with exotropia. Dr. recommends surgery. Any alternatives?
My son has exotropia. His eye turns outward from time to time. The Dr. prescribed him glasses and followed up 6 weeks later. That didn't help. So now he is recommending eye muscle surgery. I'...

 How come I can feel my contacts in my eyes all of a sudden?
This problem just started today, but now I can feel my left contact lens and it feels like there's a rock in my eye. I've tried taking them out, moistening them with the solution and ...

 Contact lens removers? Also for soft lenses?
There's this suction thingy that can help you insert and remove your contacts.

Does anyone know if they're safe for soft contacts?

I've seen some on eBay, ie: ...

 how do your eyes see?

can you use Hydrogen Peroxide as an eye wash?
excessive mucus and tears

Ouch! Don't do that! That will kill your eyes. You might have pink eye... I would definitely go to a doctor before trying out any home remedy especially on my eyes. You could go blind!

I hope you feel better and please be careful...

Judy B
Well you could but you will wish you hadn't.

It will burn your eyes, make them very painful, watering and blurred.

See your doctor about the excessive mucus, likely you have allergies and need allergy meds.

paige m

David E
One contact lens disinfection solution contains 3% hydrogen peroxide. When people get a drop or two in their eyes, they often go to the eye doctor because it hurts so much and turns their eye so red.

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