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 Pink Eye? Please Help!?
Ok. So I noticed my one eye was really red yesterday for no reason and then this morning when I woke up my other one was. So I went to the clinic this morning to and the doctor said it was pink eye. I...

 So my eye twitches a little? Why?
I don't even feel it at all either. I was out for a late night dinner with some friends and I was just staring at a salt shaker and they were watching me and they see a little below my left eye ...

 Can a British Optician provide spectacles just with the prescription or does the patient need to be present?
Please note that this is a UK question, thank you.

I frequently travel to West Africa, and have been approached by an african gentleman ( not, I hasten to add, a Nigerian) who would like ...

 does colored contacts..?
does it cost more to get colored contacts? and if it does, how much more?...

 I need help with my eye problem...?
I have a problem with my eyes. They are very dry and burn almost all the time. I went to one doctor who said it was allergies. So I got hypo-allergenic bedding, and nothing changed. Then I went to ...

 whites of my eyes are not white, why?
During the last few months I have noticed that the whites of my eyes in particular close to the red closest to the nose(sorry for lack of correct term's) have started to turn to a light yellow ...

 PLEASE HELP! Question about my eye...?
Ok so I have a cold. Bad cough, super DUPER EXTREMELY stuffy nose... but since yesterday, my right eye has begun to hurt ALOT. It feels like... when I blink, or touch it, it hurts. Like I don't ...

 should I get new eyeglasses with a new prescription?
I had an annual eye exam. My prescription changed but I don't want to spend another $400 for new glasses after only one year....

 How can I take out something that is stuck in my eye?
Yesterday my eye felt like there was something in it so I scratched it to get it out. It wouldn't come out so I continued to scratch it but I saw nothing when I looked into it. I've tried ...

 What could be wrong with my eye?
A few days ago, my left eye started to get really red on one side. I wear contacts and this sometimes happens but goes away the next day. Now it looks sort of orange on the side now. What could be ...

 Is it normal to sometimes see some dots or color when you close your eyes? ?
And sometimes a bit of dots when my eyes are open?...

 Can I wear contacts in the shower?
I got my contacts two days ago and only started wearing them in the shower today. I don't open my eyes while I have them on in the shower, due to the risk of infection, so my eyes are closed ...

 Is 20x20 good or bad eyesight?

 Are children most likely to get myopia?
I'm 12 years old and I think I have myopia. I failed the vision screening at my school, and I can see things that are close to me very clearly but when they are far I can't see it, it gets ...

 My vision has changed recently, can I still have Laser Eye Surgery?
I was thinking of having lasik surgery last year but my prescription has changed, can i still have laser eye surgery?...

 my eyes changed color?
My eyes changed color, what could make that happen?
i realized just yesterday that my eyes, that had originally been green, turned blue. But that could have been the light. i got in natural ...

 I need to tell my parents I need glasses soon!?
I am pretty sure that I need glasses as I can't see the board and reading signs in the car is nearly impossible until they are almost past. I really want to take my driving test soon so I can ...

 When can I star Wearing Color Contacts?
I'm 12 years old turning 13 on May 7th and i want to know when can i start wearing color contacts9I want blue ones) I have clear ones right now i got them last week so Yeah
Please Answer ...

 How long does it take to get used to glasses?
I've been wearing contact lenses for 12 years and haven't really worn glasses since I was in 6th grade. I just got a pair of glasses so I can give my eyes a break from contacts. The only ...

 I want colored contacts sooooooooo badddd. Can i wear them?
I don't have perfect vision so i wear glasses. My left eye is way blurrier than my right eye. I'm nearsighted. I asked my dad if i could get contacts and hes like no, its bad for you and ...

Will ex-lax soften my stool?
i just bought the Chocolate type ex-lax to try out to help my constipation but after reading up on it and stuff i have not found any thing that says it would mostly says helps contract intestines but i don't have a problem pushing just hurts a lot which is why I'm asking if it will soften as well and push.

Edward XD

You need a stool softener not a laxative and there is a difference. Good Luck!

soften is not the word...liquify is better

First of all, this is the optical Q&A, not the rectal Q&A.

Not only will ex-lax soften your stool, you'll go so much that you will go cross-eyed.

it will help soften your stool and make you go to the bathroom. just follow directions and give it time to work

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