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 i've worn glasses most of my life. recently my eyes and the muscles around my face always feel tense. why?
its as if im always glaring or staring, and it takes effort to try and relax my eyes. i've had these glasses and contacts for a while now, so i dont think taht its the prescription. any thoughts?...

 Can squinting make your eyesight worse?
In addition to above question:If you have any tips on improving vision or keeping vision the same and not worsen please list ...

 How do you choose an optometrist? I need contacts.?

 I'm Worried About Becoming Blind.?
I'm short sighted and i have been wearing glasses for 7 years now...since i was 10 years old. I went for an eye test to day...and my eye sight has become worse...in my left eye, i've gone ...

 i bought some glasses frames of the internet...?
and was wondering, how much does it cost to get your lenses put in?

i go to vision express btw
and im english, so pounds please?
thanks (:...

 so if i put solution in them and sleep then the contacts will pop up?

 contact lens: freshlook or durasoft?
im going to buy color contacts lens but i dont know which one is better and looks more natural...i have to use toric lenses..durasoft has more colors for my condition but they're more expensive.....

 need help with eye glass prescription?
it says in the prescription:
r -2.25 -0.50 x 003(oos) *i cant read it clearly*
l -2.50 -1.00 x 160

i am trying to order glasses online at zennioptical.com and im not sure if 003 ...

 Why is my eye red?
I have been wearing contacts for the past 9 years and I never had a problem until about a month ago when one eye got red and blurry. I went to the doctor and he said that it is inflamed and that the ...

 Pink eye and makeup blues... is there a way to salvage my expensive eye makeup without reinfection?
I suffer from frequent bacterial eye infections. By now, I know the drill pretty well.... I go to the pharmacy for two types of eye drops, Deltamid and Sophixin, and start a 10 day treatment (D-every ...

 Eye trouble?
Both of my eyes are always sore, and feel quite heavy. i feel like there is a lump inside my eyelid on my left eye. its really sore and irritating. i can feel the lump and its huge, i also carnt ...

 my eyes kinda burn. so i hav't wore my contacts and im not tired what will help?

 VSP insurance billing?
I used to do insurance billing for an optometrist, who also did my eye exams as well. When I first started there, I still had Vision Service Plan from my previous employer. My contact lenses are ...

 Contact Lens????
Well.. I have purchased "Durasoft 3" Tinted. and the Expiry date is 2008-07
The sales man at Shop where I bought it said that I can use them for 3 to 4 years.
So... Any comments???...

 what does zymar do for the eye?

 Average Cost of Lasik?
I'm looking to get Lasik done in the next year...my vision is fairly decent ... - .79 is my worst eye... anyone know what the average price should be around for custom lasik? I'm in the N...

 Is hazel eye colour uncommon ?
I was wondering wether hazel eyes are commnon or uncommon worldwide so what do you think ?...

 Is it more reasonable for eye exams and contacts at walmart versus costco?

 Why do my contacts get blurry and my eyes burn?
My contacts recently began getting blurry in the afternoons, and sometimes they burn. I have Refresh rewetting drops for contacts, which I use-but it does not help one bit!!! I wear Focus Night and D...

 lasik eye surgery???
does lasik eye surgery really hurt? is it really just about 25 minutes? please be honest i really want to know. gracias!
p.s. can u tell me about the procedure?...

What websites or places can I order contacts with my prescription?

Do you currently save money by going to your regular eye doctor? By being a member of our company,you can save on eye exams,replacement contacts,10-40%,including daily wear,extended,disposables,tinted,bifocal… &gas permeable.WE also offer mail-order programs for all glasses&contacts,except in NJ.You also get dental,prescription&chiropractic,all for $11.95mo,or$19.95mo.Everyone is accepted&all household members are included in all benefits.Marlene,whatcoloreyes20@yahoo.c…


I order with 1800 contacts. They try to verify the prescription with the dr.s office but if they don't hear from the office within 8 hours by default of the contact lens law or something they will mail the prescription.

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