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 What are some negative things about contacts?
I'm around 14 and I was thinking to get contacts but was worried if there are any bad things to it. I know that if u dont clean them well or if the lense is broken, u might get an infection or ...

 is there anyway to get colored contacts shipped to your house for free and without needing to go eye doctor?
is there anyway to get colored contacts shipped to your house for free and without needing to go eye doctor?...

 How often should I wear my glasses?
My vision in my right eye is 20/80 and the vision in my left eye is 20/50. Should I wear my glasses all the time or only when I need to see things at a distance?...

 why are my eyes red and dry from wearing contacts?
so i've always worn contacts every day and i had no problem with them
but this summer when i wore my contacts they became red and really dry
i tried using eye drops and it kind of ...

 If I bring in a pair of regular glasses or sunglasses can they be made prescription?

 Something stuck in my eye, causing severe discomfort. Please help?
It's been stuck in there for over 24 hours and I've tried wiping it with a damp finger, wiping it with a mucus dampened finger, pulling my eyelid over my bottom lashes and my sister has ...

 I'm thinking about getting contacts?
What are the risks? Can I go blind from they slipping or something?

 can you get colored contacts with prescription?
or is it illegal?...

 What does my vision have to be to get lasik?
i have i think -.75 vision but i think it got a little worse im not sure but my brother told me he went and the told him they wouldnt let him do it till he got worse vision. what does your eye sight ...

 I abuse my contacts by wearing them non-stop when I'm supposed to dispose of them after two week?
Right now I can not afford to go to the eye doctor to get glasses. I'm down to my last pair of contacts and I wear them non-stop. I took them out last night and my eye feel like it has an ...

 How do i get better eye sight?

 Just got new glasses?
So I have known one of my eyes was bad for a while, but my mom just took me to the eye doctor, and i just got glasses. My glasses are basically only for my right eye(which is nearsighted), since my ...

 I'm asking for contacts...?
I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow and I'm asking about getting contacts. Will I get them that day? Or will I have to wait? What to they do?...

 Should i worry about my eye sight?
I cant see from far distance , For example when im at school i cant see the writing on the chalkboard and i don't wanna wear glasses because its to expensive.Will my eye sight get worse?
Is ...

 contacts question?
sometimes one of the contacts seem really blurry, but after a few blinks, it seems to be back to normal. i just started wearing these a few days ago, so i'm not sure if this is just part of the ...

 does anyone know where i can get colored eye contacts without prescription?
okay i dont have anything wrong with my eyes... just want colored eye contacts WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION! my eyes are hazel kinda but i want green and or blue contacts. ...

 I have a cut inside my eye lid, and it has been there for 7 months now. What kind of doctor should I go to?
Will a regular physician do? I don't know any eye doctor....

 How bad will my eyes be when I'm 18?
When I was around 11, I got glasses with a -1.75 in both eyes. At 13, my prescription worsened to -2 in both eyes. I just turned 15, got contacts and my right eye is -3 and my left eye is -2.75. What&...

 Is it okay to wear a contact lense for an eye with an astigmatism on an eye that doesn't have an astigmatism?

 If the human eye was a camera how many magapixels would it be?
Like with 20.20 vision....

dancing panda fury
What happens if I don't wear my glasses?
I have astigmatism -0.75 on both eyes and i have to wear glasses.I only wear them at home, so I stay eight hours without them,when I go to school.

u cant see
ur eyesight will get worse
and if u dont want to not b able to see and have to have someone read for you, wear them or get contacts if ur not wearing them cuz u think u look bad in them

You'll bump into things
x o x o

I'm surprised you haven't got a headache.

What is the rest of your prescription like? This is a fairly mild astigmatic correction, so nothing would happen if you don't wear them, but they might sharpen things up a bit for you at school.
Do you wear them at home because they benefit you watching television? It would be the same benefit at school.

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