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 What surgeons would be needed for eye transplant surgery?
Not just 1, I need multiple please :]...

 What part of the brain interprets vision?
I'm doing a report on electronic eyes, and I need to know what part of the brain interprets visual signals....

 How much is revitalvision?
I have amblyopia, I can't read the first line on the letter board. I heard of this revital vision software and it is supposed to help. I am 14 and I have tried an eye patch but with no success. C...

 toric contact lens issues?
i currently use clear contact lenses on a daily basis
my prescription is
8.4/14.4 -5.5 -3.25 x170
and 8.4/14.4 -5.5 3.25 x10
i recently ordered circle lenses in the ...

 My eye Doctor tells me that he won't change the script. Help?
I've been wearing glasses since I was 14. I'm going on 33 now and I can't see faraway things, especailly at night. I went to have my eye's examined and the Dr said he didn'...

 Recently my eyes finding lights too bright.Is this serious?
My eyes are sensitve to light recently.Sensitive like to sun light but at night it really bad when driving i find the light of the car on the road really bright all i see is just the light can barely ...

 can glasses correct other visual impairments?
I know that glasses can correct near and far sighted vision, but what about "floaters" and(/or) astigmatism, double vision etc.

Please give examples if glasses can correct any of ...

 If the pupils are enlarged, will the eyes be near sighted or far sighted?

 Is stabbing my eyes with pens unhealthy?
Is it unhealthy to repeatedly stab my eyes with pens?...

 i know this guy who blinks with only one eye...?
does anyone know what kind of disease or disorder causes that?...

 Floaters and flashing in the eyes....new retinal tear?
i'm in a new town so i went to an optometrist to ask to be seen to make sure that there are no problems, and the receptionist told me they cant see me until a couple of weeks. I told her my ...

 if your eye was removed and you didnt get a fake eye, would it just close up or stay open and just dry out?
okay haha so if that doesnt make sense, say someone took out your eye (lol thats pretty morbid) and you didnt get a fake eye to replace it, would the eyelid just eventually close so you cant see ...

 What's the ideal age for someone to use contacts on a regular basis?
And... monthly or daily contacts? Thanks for the help!...

 Which colored contacts would look best on blue eyes?

 High eye pressure..............?
Ok, so I have high eye pressure and have been on drops for ages to treat it. I also had an operation last year to help. Right now my eye feels uncomfortable and a bit painful, especially when I touch/...

 Eyes tired from reading notes from the computer and books?
Recently for the past week i have been studying for my exams like 8 hours a day of reading notes and doing exam questions because throughout the year i have barely studied. Now im noticing my eyes ...

 Something weird is in my eye?
So my eye will get REALLY irritated sometimes, so I'll go to the bathroom and try to get whatever is in it out. Well, like 2/5 times, it will be this white string looking thing. I don't ...

 i have a swollen and red eye, please read my description.?
see, a few years back, a mosquito or something got into my eye, its been affection me ever since, one day i woke up with my eye almost shut, red sclera, swollen and red eye lids, teary, and itchy. ...

 what is visual accuity 6/12?
what does it mean? What sort of things should i be able to see over what sort of a distance if i have it?
Is 6/12 perfect vision? How far off?...

 like reading glases do the make generic nearsighted glasses?
my perscription is -10 so inbetween the eye doctor visits things get a little blurry. where i work i need to see clearly far away so i was wondering is someone makes nearsighted ...

What does this mean, do i need glasses?
My eye doctor didn't explain my eye results to me, and I don't know if I should get glasses. Can someone explain them to me???
OD: SPH-50; CYL-25; AXIS 90

If your doctor thought you needed glasses, he would have given you a prescription for them.

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