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Jenna C
What does dilated eyes look like?
:) Thankyou. If you could find a picture too that would be nice.

It's basically having the pupils (dark spot in center of eye) enlarged usually for eye exams. I had my eyes dilated before and it just gets very sensitive to the sun for an hour or two. :)

If your eyes are dilated, it means that your pupils (the black part of your eye) are bigger than they would normally be in light. You know that your pupils expand when it's dark outside to take in more light, and get smaller when it's bright and they don't need to take in as much light to help you see. If your eyes are dilated, your pupils are big. Hope this helps!


the black pupil gets larger when its dilated- you see less of the colored iris

Alex F
I think the pupils get very large and you can barely see the iris.

Patrick R

that refers to your pupils, the black part being enlarged, very dialated eyes you weont see any color at all only black

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