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Last week I noticed my right eye being more itchy than usual. On Friday I woke up with it swollen and red. My mom identified it as pink eye and got prescribed eye drops for me to use. Since then, my ...

 how do i get rid of dry eyes?
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 Did i Damage my eyes?
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 Is it possible for your eyesight to drastically improve?
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 How do I get something I can't see out of my eye?
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 what's wrong with my eye?
in my left eye i can see like a gray cloud that is in the same spot all the time and it goes where ever i look.. it's been there now for about a year and it's really starting to bug me!!!<...

Possibly have spray paint in my eye?
I was spraypainting, and a bit of wind came by that i wasn't expecting. It didn't blow it in my eye, but it blew it a bit to the side. My eye feels kinda dry. I put a drop of that natural tears stuff in the eye, but it still feels dry. Do i need to rinse my eye?

it may be your mind that is making the situation over exaggerated... just wait it out until tomorrow, im sure youll feel fine by then.

Benjamin B
Start by flushing with water.

If dryness continues or burning develops, follow the directions on the can.

On the safe side i would go to your mom(or dad) and go to the doc. or go see a eye doc.

nuless u are one........



Flush it with water.

Grace T
My friend got somthing in her eye a. She went to the doctors and they got it out for her in like 10 secounds.. i suggest you just go see a doctor ;)

Yes rinse it out now, and add a few eye drops as needed.

Goggles next time dude.

rinse that ***** out

rinse rinse rinse just to be sure, then you can start back with the eyedrops

Kelly V
they have eye washes at the store

&quot;EL GUAPO&quot;
you might need an operation,the same thing happened to my cousin and he needed to go through laser eye surgery,its quite painful

The Yeti
I'd follow the first aid instructions on the can, and then wear goggles next time.

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