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brett s
Newborn son with eye problems. Left eye won't open all the way. 6 mnth later it is still only partially open
It is always his left eye. It will open fine, but always a little less open than right eye. He sometimes gets mucas buildup in his left eye. When he gets sick, left eye is always first sign. Any ideas what it is?

probably pink eye?!
well 1st off, make sure
and u also should make warm tea,
take a tissue, and put it under his eye!
i no it sounds crazy
but sometimes it works?!?!
or maybe he has an allergy to dust or even wind!!
it happens!!
and theres one more thing...


How about asking his doctor. There's no way anyone here is going to be able to help you with this. sorry

My granddaughter gets a lot of "goop" at the inner corner of one of her eyes because there is a partially blocked tear duct. When that happens we need to gently massage the corner of the eye.

The American Optometric Association recommends an eye exam for your child during his first year of life. If there is something unusual going on with his vision system, an optometrist can either prescribe treatment or refer you to the proper specialist.

InfantSEE is a no-cost program for babies to have their eyes checked. The link is here http://www.infantsee.org/

Paul MB
It sounds like he's been able to open this left eye since birth. It also sounds like his lid has been a bit down compaired with the other side, since birth. If his eyes are aligned, and not corssed, or one out one in, then he's developed fixation for both eyes, so most likely will not end up with a lazy eye.

The goopys: In a LOT of children, the nasal mucosa can get thick enough during an inflammation or infection or cold, or flu or viral....and block off the canaliculus to that side. Some children don't open the connection between the lacrimal sac and nose. A chronic dacyrocystitis would result, with intermittent inflammation to that eye, pus suff, tearing. That would make it so that this eye would tear, or seem teary right off the bat from a cold. If the duct from the lacrimal sac going to the nose is blocked, that can be opened easily by most ophthalmologists (but a pediatric one would be 'better').

If the lid itself does not function correctly, has a lag in going up or down, or seems not 'connected', there are a significant number of problems that could cause that. Birth injury could make it so the tissue that connects the levator muscle to the eyelid is weak. When this happens to adults, it's a minor surgical repair. If he has had damage to the third nerve on that side, a neurological workup would be advised. If there's no pushing of the eye out, probably not an orbital problem. There are LOTS of medical reasons to terrify you with. The easiest thing would be to let the doc worry about those things as he'll cross most of them off the list just by looking at your baby.

The 'best' thing you could do would be to take him to a pediatric ENT specialist or pediatric ophthalmologist who are used to looking at children this age, are familiar with the problems...both medical and surgical and traumatic and...

If he uses his eyes 'together', the lid problem should NOT be a problem for awhile as he's already developed his ability to see.

If this lid doesn't go up enough for vision, that's sort of an urgent problem. Time is not on your side in this arena.

But if he's seeing ok, just make an appointment to have the exam and workup done.

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