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 How can you lighten your eye color? without contacts!!!!1?

 I fell asleep with contacts in?
So basically, i fell asleep with my contacts in (daily use ones...)
And when i woke up, one contact was still in the right place (which i then took out) but the other one was no longer on my eye ...

 i want to make it seem like i'm awake...will white out and sharpie hurt my eyes if on my eyelids?
thanks ...

 is my eye color part of a deficiency?
i have a really odd eye color, and i was wondering if it was part of a deficiency of some sort. my eyes are a grey blue-green with different colored flecks and an odd yellow-brown ring around my ...

 Can you cry under water?

 would 19/19 vision be worst than 20/20 vision?
just wondering if higher the number the ...

 Specsavers: Is appointment necessary?
hi, I was wondering.. do I HAVE to make an appointment? (specsavers)...

 does wearing glasses hurt your eyes?
Does wearing glasses when you don't really need them hurt your eyes or cause you to need glasses later in life?
also everyone in my family wears glasses: my parents, my sister, and my ...

 Risks about Circle Lenses?
I planned to buy a pair of circle lenses. Yes, I know there are several risks about circle lenses, but is it okay if I rarely wear them? I only plan to wear them for weddings, parties, or just school ...

 Sleeping in contacts?
I'm going to a sleepover tomorrow night and I was wondering I could sleep in my contacts? I have biomedic 55's. Also what eye drops do you use for your contacts?...

 Are there any exercises for my eyes so I can improve my vision a little?

 Where can a 14 year old get contact lenses?
Specsavers won't let me, grr! Where else can I get them? I don't want to wait till I'm 21....

 Help, I have a lazy eye and all movies are turning 3d in the cinema :-( I can only see out one eye at a time?
Trying to watch a 3d movie just gives me a head ache and isn't 3d at all. Just less colour. What do i do? Can i view 3d? will i be able to use 3ds? what about the future of movies? :-(...

 how much roughly does laser eye surgery cost per eye if prescription is (roughly) -8.0?
thinking about getting it done but have to travel miles to have consultation and don't want to waste my time if it costs too much!...

 Wearing colored contacts over regular contacts?
I was thinking about doing a cosplay in which the character has green eyes, and my pupils are naturally brown in pigment.

I currently wear contacts for distances, otherwise my vision is ...

 Going to be wearing glasses that aren't mine. Tips?
Long story short, lost a bet and will be wearing two pairs of my friend's glasses as a result of losing for a whole day. Both pairs are -8.75 (he says. Whatever that means). I am kind of scared. ...

 i want laser eyetreatment but have no money, what can i do?
i hate glasses because i play sports

contacts get very irritating ...

 How do I change my eye color?
I want to change my eye color to blue from brown.
It's something I need to do, not something I want to do. When they are blue I will see the world clearer, they are meant to be that color ...

 can cotact lense lubricating drops stop eyes from being bloodshot and/or being red?
please need to know, and no i do not wear contact ...

 Laser Eye Surgery? Get it or not? NEED ANSWERS!?
The benefits almost outweigh the risks but Im still very scared. I mean these are my eyes! If I go blind then thats it. My life is over. Please enlighten me. This is so hard!!!...

My new glasses rubbing back of my ear?
I've just got glasses for first time there like big black geek glasses which celebrities wear basically should I go back to sepcsavours for ajustment or is it just because there new and I'm not used to it ??

Baby Angel !
consult ur doctor!

spin and marty
Go back to the place where you bought them, they can adjust them for you so they fit better.

usually if its right on the back of your ear they just need to change the angle on the curve of the temple where it goes behind your ear. its a quick easy fix so go in for the adjustment. plastic glasses do stretch some on their own but no need to sit in pain while you wait. this one is usually a very small adjustment they can make for a lot of relief.

go back for a frame adjustment. It can take some time to get the frames comfortable and more than one adjustment. What I would say though is that this might not have been a good choice of frame. The more glasses weigh the more they are likely to be uncomfortable and rub and the size of teh frame not only adds to teh weight of the frame but to the weight of the lens in that frame. Depends a bit on your perscription but this can lead to a set of glasses which aren't likely to be comfortable.

ann a
Go and get them adjusted they are to tight,they would probably stretch after a while but better to be comfortable now.

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