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 Is it better to have prescription eye glasses stronger or weaker for you eyes?
So is having stronger prescription better for your eyes or weaker ones?

 do you have to be prescript to put contacts in your eyes?
Well i'm nine and i need glasses i think but i want contacts do i need a prescription???...

 Please answer, question about contacts?
I just got contacts about a week ago and the right eye is fine. I am having problems with my left one. I have made sure the contact is the way it is supposed to be an checked everything else there is ...

 How come my eye color changed from brown to green within a month?
Well, maybe a little more than a month, but i've noticed that they used to be COMPLETELY brown. Like, Asian eyes brown, because I'm asian. But, my friends've began to told me that my ...

 For anyone who has had lasik surgery....?
Who is you go to and are you happy with the outcome?...

 Getting contacts soon......tips?
For the past few years, I have been (supposed to) wear glasses. I do not like touching my eyes at all & get freaked out at the thought, but, I absolutely HATE having to wear glasses (or more like ...

 Why is my bottom right eyelid twitching randomly and for 30 seconds each time?
For 2 days now. How do I stop it, too?...

 Why do contact cases come with tweezers?
I was on ebay looking for a cute contacts case, and there are sets that come with a mini solution bottle and a pair of tweezers. What are the tweezers for?...

 Why?? 10 points!?
Why when you see a bright thing, like a flash, and then you turn around, you still have that flash in your eyes, like you still see a light or a dark spot?...

 When you first used glasses, how did people react to them?
I have had glasses since I was 16 because my right eye has 20/200 vision or a -2.00 prescription. My left eye has perfect 20/20 vision. When I first got them, I started using them at home and in the ...

 What color do blind people see?
Like people who used to see but can't anymore. And how do blind people use the computer?...

 im a 14 year old kid and i wear glasses but i hate them.Can i get laser eye surgery?
also how much does it cost?...

 whats wrong with my eye, please help?
i have a bad habit of touching my eye,
so last night,
i touched my eye constantly,
the side of it.,
i thought i felt it all mushy,
so i kept touching it and touching it and ...

 My right eye has been rapidly moving && my vison gets blurry lately???
what should i do??
i haven't seen a option in about 2 years.
&& i am 13....

 can you draw on someone's eye with a sharpie or a marker?
just wondering???...

 are my eyes too close together? be honest please.?
So many people pick on me for my eyes being close together. I have lost all my self confidence I really hate going out because I always think people are judging me. I hate the way I look and it makes ...

 How can I make my vision stop getting worse?
I’m 15 and my vision is -10.5 and -11.75. Every time I go to the eye doctor my vision gets worse and I get stronger glasses. I have to use my glasses even for doing things up close because my ...

 if i sleep in my contacts wat will happen?
i hate waking up and not being able to see is it ok to sleep in them sometimes...and how often?...

 What does everyone think about the controversal surgery to change the color of your eyes? ?
Should I or shouldn't I? Why do you think it would be a good or bad idea?
Here is the website w/ more information:

 Help! Contact lense trouble. I can't take out the lense?...?
This is really urgent. I just got contact lenses yesterday. I put in one lense in by myself in the left eye and the docter with even much more trouble, put the other lense in my right eye. I managed ...

John D
Is my eyesight bad? What do the "eye power" numbers mean?
When I went to the optometrist for my checkup, the numbers on the paper said -4.75 for my left eye and -3.25 for my right eye. What does this mean?

Mark C
well im an optometrist so honestly its very very bad vision as long as you an optometrist

It's not the worst.

It means you have moderate myopia.

Judy B
It means that you have mild to moderate myopia. Pretty average for myopes.

Meh, that's not terrible, but it's pretty bad.It's average, i guess. Mine are about that too.

oo man mines were -5.75. my eyes are horrible, they usually go up 1 erryyear for me. that just says what your range of view is.

mine are both -5.75

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