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chibi loopi
Is it safe to watch a movie after getting my eyes dilated?
I'm going to get my eyes dilated this Friday and I was thinking of watching a movie with friends in the movie theater right after. I know they advise you to be in dark places... so would being in the movie theater qualify as safe?

Carpal Tunnel Kid

probably not a good idea

Venetian Girl
I'm not a doctor, but my gut feeling says you should not do it. The natural lens in your eye opens and closes automatically to control how much light is allowed into your eye at all times. In broad sunlight your lenses close and your pupil becomes very small. This is to protect your eyes from the harmful and damaging rays of light. but if your eyes are artificially dilated, your eyes natural reflexes don't work and will allow all damaging light into your eyes. Maybe it's harmless, but hey, you only have one pair. What's the problem in waiting one more day to go to a movie. Are you willing to bet your eyes on that?

You might have difficulties seeing, I never heard that you should be in a dark place afterward, after I go to the eye doctor I usually go to like Walmart and they have florescent lighting.

I think that you should not go see the movie. Even though it is a dark place but the light from the movie projector could harm your eyes, and you can not risk hurting your eyes. You just might have to watch the movie a few weeks from now to be on the safe side. But the choice is yours.

Indiana Jones
of course you can watch a movie after. you can do what ever you want after your eyes are dilated. and you don't HAVE to be in dark places. they just suggest that cuz your eyes will be more sensitive to light.
your eyes may feel tired and sensitive to the light of the movie screen but you won't damage them in any way.

Brother Otter
No reason it wouldn't be safe. You may have a hard time focusing though, and bright images on the screen will be uncomfortable. The dilation should wear off in a couple hours thought.

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