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Sarahndipity :)
Is it normal to get a headache from new glasses?
I just got glasses today. I've been wearing them for 4 hours off and on. Is it normal to get a slight headache from them? I've never had glasses before so I wasn't sure if this is normal. Could I have too strong of a prescription?

yes, it means that u have to strong a prescription.

Dave Watson
I think this is not a good thing to carry out for long. So you need to contact the maker of the eyeglasses about this matter headache due to eyeglasses usually occurs if the grade on the eyeglasses does not match the grade you need. So better contact them.

Are things out of focus? Or sharp?

It probably is normal because you haven not seen in pure clear vision for a long time so it will take getting used to again.

If the problem persists after a few hours, call up your optometrist.

It is not uncommon. Your eyes have to adjust to their new environment and a slight headache is fairly normal. Don't worry it will soon disappear.

Its perfectly fine.
when i first got my glasses it was like that you get a little headache and then it will go away. it takes like a day or so to get use to them and then you will be fine.

having to strong of a prescription is possible .. but when yu first wear a new pair of glasses yur eyes have to have time to adjust to them so it could also b yur eyes havent quite adjusted yet

It's normal.
If the headaches persist for more than two weeks, see a doctor.

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