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 I heard that you can actually?
heal your eyes if you are near sighted NATURALLY ? No surgery, nor glasses....

 Could this be pink eye or a cornea scratch on my eye?
I am a 21 year old college female that wears contacts often. I woke up this morning with my right eye crusted over. I proceeded to put in my contacts, with the right contact giving me trouble. I wore ...

 scratch resistant coating peeling off my lenses?
The scratch resistant coating is peeling off my glasses! I don't have the receipt for them, plus I bought them almost three years ago on the other side of the country. What can I do to get that ...

 can crossed eye occur in 15+age?
can crossed eye in 15+ age ???
just wondering cause i got itchy,sometimes red and stabbing pain in my left ...

 How do you read eye exam results?
O.D. : Sphere -075 / Cyl -025 / Axis 081
O.S.:Sphere -1.00

the doctor gave me contact lenses -1 for both eyes. My left is still a little blurry!! Please help!!!...

 Suggest one way to appreciate our eyesight......?
Suggest one way to appreciate our eyesight.........

 I have blurry, unfocused vision when I'm tired and reading. Why? Help!?
Please help if you know what I'm talking about.

Some Background Info:
My eyesight is horrible - my left eye is at -7.25 and my right eye is at -8.75. The reason the right one ...

 What causes a child to go from good eyesight to needing glasses?
I remember when I was 8, I had good eyesight, I never needed glasses. Then at age 10, I did. I noticed that alot of my peers were actually having this happen to them to (not necessarily the same age ...

 Pain behind right eye, starting to drift to the right . please help?
I am a 20 year old male. About 10 days ago I started to feel pain behind my right eye. It hurt if i just barely pushed on it. I thought it was just from sinuses and did not think much about it. I ...

 if you don't wear contacts for a day, do they last an extra day?
Like if they are supposed to last two weeks (monday - monday) but i skip the last day, could I wear them an extra day? :D If you understand what I'm saying.... THANK YOU....

 What tint should I get for my glasses?
Okay I'm buying my yearly pair of glasses and think I might get them tinted I think I want a Grey tint, but they have the option of 20% 40% 60% and 80% tint, and also have the option of a G...

 Eyes gotten worse :/?
I got glasses about 2 years ago and my eyes have gotten worse... I have had them checked again and was told they are fine but I even have problems looking at things more then 3 feet from me.

 is 20/13(left eye) and 20/15(right eye) good vision?

 How long does it take for your eyes to adjust after taking off your glasses?

 How is the daily life of a colorblind?
I want to know if there are especial activities or how their life changes....

 Just got cantacts for the first time and have a few ?'s?
I just got contacts for the first time today. I am so far enjoying the MUCH clearer vision. I got the Acuvue oasys for astigmatism.

1. Is it normal to have your eyes feel a little itchy ...

 My depth perception is messed up, and everything seems to wave in and out...?
My right eye has been very nearsighted for a while, so my brain adjusted, and automatically turns off my right eye when staring into distance (doctor said). However, I occasionally get stricken with ...

 why my eye getting smaller?
my left eye is smaller is it dangerous....

 how do eye doctors measure your eyes for contacts?
i've never been to the eye doctor in my life and now i'm wondering, i know i'll need glasses or contacts soon so how do they measure your eyes? and is there a way i can figure it out ...

 What's wrong with my eye?
My eye is almost swollen shut, and white goo is all around it and in my eye and i can't see out of it. It hurts soo bad! What is going to happen to me? And why is my eye like this?...

Is 20/70 bad vision? how bad? could my chronic migraines be causing my vision loss?
about a year ago my vision was 20/35
today in gym we had an eye exam done and it was 20/70

how terribly bad is that??

i do have chronic migraines if that matters, but its not blood vessel related, its a nerve in the back of my head
could this affect it?

no, im not overweight and dont have high BP

btw im 13

any clue whats up? and i know this probably has nothing to do with it, but just in case... about 6 months ago i was diagnosed with anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder, but like i said, i dont think it matters.

20/70 is gooood.
Im 14 and i have like 20/200 and my dad (47 years old) has like 20/600 without his contacts.

20/70 is not that bad overall. You will need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to drive, but probably do not need to wear them all the time. Your vision may get worse as you grow, but should stabilize by your early 20's.

The migraines are probably not related to your vision, however the migraines may affect your vision while having one. The anxiety may and stress disorder may be related to your migraines. My friend has panic disorder and usually gets a bad migraine shortly before a panic attack. I suggest getting behavioral therapy such as counseling to help you better handle the anxiety and stress. Therapy typically produces better longer lasting results than medication and may help with the migraines.

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