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 Does this Contacts to Glasses prescription online conversion work?

I am trying to convert my contacts to a glasses prescription.

Does this online conversion: http://www.numericalexam actually work?


 How much is an eye exam at lens crafters including the lens???
I am going to get an eye exam in a few weeks but i want to know how much it will cost mind you my glasses will cost me with taxes about 205 so take it from there thanks!!...

 Why do eye drops make your vision blurry?

 Should I be fitted for new contact lenses?
The last time I was fitted was about two years ago. I'm 17/female. My contacts don't really "feel" too small but then again I'm not an optometrist. Do you think my eyes have ...

 are contacts better that glasses? 10 points!?
well, r they? Do they make your vision better and clearer? Also, do they make it blurry upclose like to read and stuff? Please help me!...

 What is wrong with my eye?
this is a little hard to explain. My right eye has a little bit of pain under the top eyelid also the top eyelid feels puffy. but the bottom one is tight and my right eye feels a little bit bigger ...

 Can a person with Glaucoma have Lasik for vision correction?
I have open angle, pigmentary glaucoma does this rule me out of having any sort of vision correction.

My wife recently had it done and is now better that 20/20. My vision is not horrible (...

 To people that have had LASIK eye surgery...?
Was it painful? If so, how intense is the pain and how long does it last? How does it affect your daily activities and for how long after the surgery does it last? Thanks in advance....

 Is there any chance I can see 6/60 which is the top letter on the opticans chart?
My eyesight is -5 ...

 Should I use red flashlight on my eyes open for ten seconds?
Should I use red flashlight on my eyes open for ten seconds, so I can see better in the dark?...

 Large floaters/sudden light flashes in eye?
I'm concerned that my mother may have a detached retina. She is suddenly experiencing large floaters (she has had floaters for quite some time, but these are larger) and some light flashes. I ...

 why do my eyes dry so easily?
i wear contacts. my eyes dry sooo easily and they start burning. i cant keep my eyes open and alert during class because they hurt so bad and its so annoying. ive tried some eye drops made for ...

 What is the diameter of a human's pupil in (mm)?
compared to circle lens or contacts lens, which are like 14mm to 15mm.
5 stars to best answer!...

 What's wrong with my eye?
I have a black spot in one eye which I have had almost all my life, and in the other eye I have a brown spot that developed a year or two back.
I don't have any problem seeing and I have ...

 I have a little black dot in the middle of my vision?
It's not very noticeable, but I see it when I'm looking at a white wall and the computer screen.

I'm 19, and I'm also near-sighted. I started noticing it a couple ...

 How much does lazer surgery for acute angle glaucoma cost in Texas?

 I got hit in the eye with an unknown object at work. not sure whether its scratched, or has debris in it.?

as i was tapping the underside of an old board to loosen it, an object shot up and hit me in the eye. it was probably either a nail or a small piece of wood. i flushed it with water.<...

 can i use this to clean my glasses?
can i use windex or any other cleaners like that to clean my glasses i mean like spray the cloth then with the cloth wipe my glasses?...

 Constant Eyelid Twitching?
Just a little worried it has happened many times but this past week more than normal the speed increases.It's in the right eye.I have been 2 my eye doctors I've been checked and I almost ...

 How to get 20/20 vision again? Or at least make vision slightly better?
Is it possible to get 20/20 vision again? My eyes are HORRIBLE. I don't even want to say how bad it is, but if there are huge letters in front of me, it would still look blurry. I wear glasses, ...

I think one of my eye is sunken in More or the other one is popping out more?
I think my eyes may be uneven because if I close my eyes and touch my eyes my right eye feels like it is sunken in more than my left eye.  I know I should proballly see an eye doctor and I haven't in a while because my mom doesn't feel like she needs to take me because my vision is fine (I didn't tell her that I am starting to have trouble seeing the board from the backish part of the room... I know I should tell her but idk how to bring up the subject... Oh and btw i'm 14) is this eye unevenness normal? How do I bring the eye unevenness an the trouble seeing the board to my mom? Does me having seeing in class have anything to do with the unevenness of my eyes?

Btw I also have slight pain in my right eye (the eye that is sunken in more)     

see a doctor, right away. Please don't wait, It could be something serious.

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