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 I have bad eyesight.....I know this is common but is there a way for them to go back to normal??
I don't really understand how it works.....like what's wrong with the eye? Is there another possible way to fix it besides laser eye surgery or contacts? I'm sick of my glassed and I ...

 Can I wear my contacts while swimming at the beach?
What if I shut my eyes very tightly while swimming? I'm blind without my contacts so not wearing them is not an option. Should I bring an extra pair and solution and case? Should I bring ...

 My eyes changed colours?
They used to be Blue and now they are Green. I'm worried. Should I be?...

 how many hours can you keep your contacts lenses on during the day ?
i have contacts that have to be changed every two ...

 Why is my eyesight detoriating?
l have gone from -2.75 in both eyes to -3.25 in left eye and -3.00 in the right eye. They said they need to give me an appointment in 6 months to see how my eyesight is going but why is it ...

 How do you know if you have depth perception?
Also, how do you know if you have stereo vision? I cannot see out of 3D glasses. I have a lazy eye. also pretty bad vision. Is there a way to tell. Also I am AWFUL at co ordination sport. Like ...

 what happens if you sleep with your contact lenses in you eyes?

 my left eye keeepssss jumping. help!?
When ever i sneeze or yawn, my eyes twitch. Its very irritating. Do anybody know what that is?or what the cause? This has been going on for 5 months, it just keeps ...

 My lower eye lid twitches. Its more of a spasm?
It happens a couple of times a day under my right eye. I dont seem 2 have an eye infection and I wash them everyday. What could cause this 2 happen?


 Do i need glasses?, i tried on my friend's today and i think i might need an eye test do i?
i tried on my friends glasses today and my vision was allott clearer do i need glasses?...

 Is it possible to have NO pupil in the eye?
You know what I mean......

 how do i put in color contacts?
idk... i'm a little confused on it. can i put it anywhere on my eye and it'll situate itself and like automatically go into place if i just blink or something? or do i have to put it dead ...

 How to get rid of bloodshot eyes?
my right eye is prittie bloodshot and i was wondering if there is a way to get rid of this fast and safe....

 Will opening your eyes in a tanning bed cause damage/ eye cancer?

 There's something in my eye... its been there for like a few years.?
I wear contacts and I got them when I was eleven.Im turning fifteen next month.
so four years with them
and i know its not healthy blah blah blah
but i dont take them off i do water ...

 I want to get these contacts but I cant find them?
I want contacts like basshunters but i cant find them anywhere they look so cool has anyone seen them around before? thanks

 iI have been told I need cataract surgery .Isnt 55 young to need this done.?
Has anyone else needed this at a young ...

 Teenager with uneven eyes?
Lately i've noticed the vision in my left eye is blurry. when i take self photos of myself, my eyes are obviously uneven. how do i fix this? do i have to wear an eyepatch? O:...

 Yet another Laser Eye Surgery question.?
Does getting don't hurt your eyes? I heard that they put Anesthetic drops in your eye? What age do you have to be to get it done?...

 Do eye doctors let you get contacts without having a eye problem?
I can see perfectly, but I want colored contacts.
Will they give them to me still?...

I have sore eyes and I accidentally put an ear drop into my eye,what to do?
I have sore eyes and was prescribed to take Tobramycin Dexamethasone but I accidentally put Neomycin Sulfate Polymyxin B Sulfate Hydrocortisone, which is an ear drop. I have mistaken this one as an eyedrop, since they have the same packaging. I didn't see the label. Do I have dangers of getting blind? Was it just fine? I thought putting immediate water into my eyes would remove the chemicals, after seeing the labels. PLEASE ANSWER ASAP. I'M AFRAID!

Go to the hospital. Now. Just get in your car (If you own one) and drive. Don't panic, because that will make the worms angry.

wow good job, u really got yourself into a jiffy poo there. if i were you, i would call a doctor immeadiatley like omg like yea

Hannah R
call poison control

you should go see a doctor quickly before something serious happens ,hope that helps

Ear drops in your eye won't harm you. You'll be fine.

But they are oily and you will probably have blurry vision for awhile.

If ear drops were dangerous for the eyes, it wouldn't be safe to put in the ears either.

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