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 Can I stop one eye from being cross eyed?
I don't know what it's called but my right eye, when I don't have my specs on is on the inside of my eye as in it's sort of touching my nose.
It looks horrible, I can get it ...

 Does contact lenses make eyes become bigger?
I am using acuvue ...

 Why do my eyes go <_> and I get double vision when I look into space?
I've found, only when I rest my eyes, and it's completely voluntary, that my eyes go outwards. Exotrophia I believe it's called, something like that. I can do it at any time, but I ...

 My uncle had eye pressure go up to 58 mm hg in 1 eye for 12hrs.What lasting effects could this have?
He had an accident injuring his eye,after a week he was taken off drops which resulted in his eye pressure going upto 58mm hg in 1 eye for 12 hours, up until being taken in with this high pressure in ...

 FULL STARS IF YOU HELP ME OUT! Why does my eyes water so much when i smile or laugh when im with friends?

 eye treatment or replacement?
my sister was able to see till he age 12, and she was going to school. then slowly her vision was going blur and now she is unable to see anything she is now about 23age.

 Why do we cry when were sad?
Is it good when we cry? Why does our saliva get thick when we cry? Why is it hard to stop once you start? Who do you lean on in the toughest times???...

 What do I do *eye problem*?
Ok, so when I was little I wanted glasses & I didn't need them but didn't tell anyone & we went to the eye doctor & I failed on purpose & got glasses..my eyes got used to ...

 What happens at an eye test?
I am a teenager in England, and I am going for an eye test soon, as I think I might need glasses. I was just wondering what exactly happens at an eye test, because I have never had one before. And ...

 can I wear colored contacts?
I got some colored contacts online from mybodyjewelryshop.com and they look REALLY COOL! But everyone is saying stuff about getting lenses fitted and everything. I didn't even see a place on the ...

 Would this be ok just for one day?
im down to my last pair today..and only ordered them today. I need to go out tomorrow and don't wanna wear glasses will it be ok? I use dailies but if i take them out today and put them bk into ...

 Do eyes get worse during pregnancy?
I heard few times that if a woman wear glasses, that during her pregnancy her eyes might get worse causing her prescription for increase. Is this true? Anyone had experiences with this fact/myth?...

 Whats wrong with my contacts?
lately every pair of contacts i put on start burning my eyes after a couple of hours of wearing them, they have never felt like dis before. And even after i use new ones they start hurting my eyes ...

 how long do you leave your contacts in solution?
i just got my contacts i have to take them off now can i leave them in solution overnight? and when i when i take them out do i rub them for 20 sec?...

HOW BAD IS MY VISION? OD +0.75-1.25 X 170 AND OS +0.50-0.75 X 180....

 i want to get contacts but i have so many questions?
I was thinking of getting contacts that are not disposables. I dont want those one-use ones.
1. Are there any that i can use for a month and then get new ones (or something like that?)
2. ...

 I accidentally got nail polish remover in my eyes?
It actually happened last night. I was going to remove my eye makeup and I grabbed and cotton ball, and without thinking, doused it with nail polish remover instead of my makeup remover. Luckily I ...

 Contact lenses in water overnight?
On Saturday night, I stayed over at a friend's place and forgot to bring contact solution/cases with me. Not wanting to sleep with them in overnight, I put the contacts in a mug of water.

 What the RX for eyeglasses including.?
Right for OD : SPH CYL AXIS
if you need bi-focal lens and progressive lens , add value is needed.
PD value is pupillary distance , usally from 55mm-7...

 Can you improve your vision in any way naturally?

Jazzi A
I feel something in my eye?? Please help.?
This just started like 30 minutes ago..
I feel like there's an eyelash in my right eye that's poking it and it kinda hurts to blink. When I look in the mirror, I don't see anything. My mom doesn't even see anything. Could it be infected like a pink eye??

It can be a tiny piece of dust, or eyelash growing inside. Also a minor irritation or smth like that. If it doesn't stop go to the ophthalmologist.

If it feels like an eyelash, it's probably an eyelash caught under your eyelid.

maybe its a sty

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