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 Lazy eye while stoned?!?
Is it possible to only have a lazy eye while im high? because normally my eyes are fine but every time i get stoned according to my friends i have a lazy eye...
are my friends ******* with me, ...


D - 025 - 050 X 45
I - 025 - 075 X 1'0

 What do you do when you lost your eye contact?
Actually it isnt lost, I found it, but it was torn. What do I do now? I can't use my glasses cause I left them at home, and I didn't bring extra contacts with me, so I can't see out of ...

 Can you get pink eye on both eyes?

 Cold turned to ear infection turned to eye infection. Can anyone help?
Last Tuesday (4th Jan 2011) I woke up feeling a little ill. Too hot, dizzy, eyes didn't seem right (felt too hot or swollen), body felt heavy etc. I had work that day so I just took some anadin ...

 Is there a way to improve my eyesight without laser eye surgery, and without silly little exercises?

 Are there Eye Drops which improve your vision (act like contact lenses)?
I hate wearing contact lenses and glasses, and i was just wondering if there were eye drops that act like contact lenses?...

 Do my glasses need to be returned or are they normal?
I just bought prescription eyeglasses a week ago and I noticed that when I look straight ahead everything is clear and looks like it should but if I look a little off to the side everything is blurry ...

 Can I wear colored contacts if I don't wear glasses?!?!?
I want to know where to get em ? if I could get them if I don't wear glass? about what age you can get them? how much do they cost? and if I can just get them without asking a doctor ?


 Is having -3.75 worse than -8 for vision?
I'm a little confused on this scale and for a job I'm looking into, you're not supposed to have worse than -8 uncorrected....

 Can someone help me out? I have a few questions about contacts?
I want to buy colored contact lenses. I do normally wear glasses but i just want my contacts to have no focus as they are only for vanity purposes. (Yes, I know.) Will these harm my eyes in any way? ...

 My eyes are scaring me!!?
My eyes, are really bad! I'm nearsighted. I wear contacts, but I'm just wondering if my eyesight will get worse and worse and almost to the point where I will go blind?...

 Reading Glasses PLZ HELP?
on my reading glasses i bought from target.. it says 1.50....Is that the Sphere or the Cylinder. Because I want to order on online. but its asking me to put in the sphere and cylinder. do I put 1.50 ...

 Screen eye ache/head ache?
A few weeks ago I started to have head aches and my eyes would start to hurt from looking at a computer or television screen. I thought that maybe it was because I was looking at them too much, so I ...

 please help me? sorry for my bad english? I suffer of drying eyes and my doctor told me doesn't have any cure?
I have to use always lub or drops for drying eyes, I want to know if there is any cure? I have this because I use so much the computer, in the past the doctors told me I had an infection and they ...

 Is there such thing as prescription colored contacts?
Is there such thing as a "prescription" colored contacts? Pros and Cons and cost?...

 What is wrong with my eyes?
Lately my eyes have been hurting a lot. It feels like there is pressure behind my eyes. If I stare at something for too long my sight become slightly fuzzy. This happens mostly when I am reading or ...

 sharing eye contacts with people?
My friend has colored contacts and i was trying them on and she gave me some!
My mom told me i could get disease from doing that!!!
wtfff? i'm scared should i go to the doctors or ...

 my right eye lid keeps twitching?
my right eye lid along the top lashes in the outer corner keeps twinging/twitching its getting REEEALLY annoying! :(
anything i can do to stop it or anyone know what is causing it?...

 Are coloured contacts okay for me?
I want to get colour contacts (I'm not sure what colour yet) I'm 13 and don't wear glasses. :) thanks for your help!!...

love is the movement
How long does it take for Conjuctivitis(pink eye) to go away?
This morning I went to the doctor's office and they said that I have pink eye. They gave me antibiotic and all that stuff. So how long do you guys think this should take until a watery discharge stop??

Conjunctivitis typically goes away in 7-10 days on it's own. Only 2% of these cases are bacterial thus the medicine you have will likely not help (unless they tested and confirmed bacteria which is not typical). So you will get better just as fast as you would have without even going to the doctor.

Viral conjunctivitis is contagious for 10-12 days (as long as the eye is red). One of the other answers said that you would get better just as fast if you hadn't gone to a doctor. That is true of viral conjunctivitis, but only your doctor can determine if it is viral conjunctivitis, bacterial conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis, or chemical conjunctivitis. The other types of conjunctivitis may require treatment and should be evaluated by an eye doctor.

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