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 should i tell my mom...?
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 Is my bad eyesight related to my height? (details below)?
I'm 24, extremely nearsighted, and 6 foot 6inches tall. A doctor is see (honestly, once a year) tells me I'm still growing. I hope it doesn't get worse. Also, I don't want to get ...

How long does it take eyeglasses to come in?

River Euphrates
That depends greatly on who you ordered them from, or where you bought them.

The place I go (Dr. Bizer's Vision World) usually has them ready within in an hour.

You should have probably asked them when you ordered/bought them.

depends where you ordered them Some places will have them ready for pick up within the hour...some make you wait 8 to 10 working days.
If they have to send them out--it takes longer. That's why.

Depends on where you order from of course. Sam's Club & Costco have the best prices (Costco especially) and they come back within 2 weeks.

Randy C
I ordered online from FramesDirect and received my glasses in 18 days.

I ordered online from Optical4Less and received my glasses in 8 days.

I ordered glasses in Walmart and got my glasses the next day.

OF course your experience may be different than mind.

Anywhere from 24 hours at lens crafters to six months.

Barry S
Ordering from O4L I got my glasses in 11 days.

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